Best Gold IRA Rollover Company – Bullion Dealer of the Year

best gold backed iraAfter reviewing dozens upon dozens of gold IRA companies, we’ve come to an overwhelmingly unanimous decision that Regal Assets is the best gold IRA rollover company. They’ve managed to keep a pristine image and positive ratings for a full decade!


Our top recommendation happens to coincide with them winning the prestigious “Bullion Dealer of the Year” award a few years running. They really are a pioneer in the industry and are well-known for their first-class customer service above all else.

Best Gold IRA Rollover Company

bullion dealer of the yearThe reasons why they are the best are the following:

  • They are an official member of the Forbes Finance Council
  • They’ve executed hundreds of millions of dollars in retirement account transfers.
  • Low flat fee storage for the life of your account, unlike competitors who charge a percentage of your investment (which gets more expensive as your account grows in value)
  • They offer segregated storage to ensure client’s gold is not commingled.
  • Worldwide Brinks vaulted storage in over 100  countries including Salt Lake City, USA – Toronto, Canada – Singapore – Dubai – Hong Kong
  • They show you live video of your physical gold arriving at the depository (1st in the industry). Fully insured by the Lloyds of London for your total invested amount.
  • Retirement account holders have the option of storing their metals overseas without taxes or penalties
  • Direct purchases are shipped to the client within 7-days, guaranteed.
  • They can buy back metals and have the funds in their clients’ account the next business day.
  • Their highly experienced staff is never pushy and do not employ aggressive sales tactics.

regal assets ratings and accolades

  • 1,191 positive reviews on TrustLink
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)
  • Was ranked #20 in the U.S. on Inc. 500
  • Over 108,000 social media followers
  • Shall we go on…
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Why Hold Physical Gold in an IRA

1. Gold is Inflation and Deflation Proof

The best hedge against inflation and deflation is gold. The value of gold automatically adjusts to inflation. On the other hand, inflation will make money to lose its purchasing power. That is why holding gold in IRA is better than having the retirement savings in a bank account.


2. Gold is a Safe Haven

Gold is a safe haven in times of financial and geopolitical turmoil. A financial or political crisis will make the stock market to lose much of its value. However, it will strengthen gold. Precious metals always appreciate during a crisis.


3. Gold is The Best Store of Value

There is no better store of value than gold. That is because it is the most stable asset. In the long run, gold will either appreciate or remain stable. The gold market is not as volatile as the stock market or real estate market.


4. Perfect Hedge Against the Declining Dollar and Money Printing Policies

The dollar like most currencies is a fiat currency. It does not have a backing of real assets. The dollar is merely worth the paper used to print it. It does not have any real value.


Governments usually mass-produce currencies. The Federal Reserve can print as many dollars as possible. On the other hand, it is not possible to print gold. That makes it a valuable asset.


The dollar has artificial value while gold has real value. It will continue to decline as more dollars enter the system. In future, there is likely to be a total dollar collapse that will trigger the collapse of other currencies. In such a scenario, gold and silver will be the only saviors.


5. Limited Supply and Increasing Demand

There is a fixed amount of gold on earth. You cannot artificially create gold. It is a mineral. The supply is limited while the demand is increasing. That pushes the price higher and makes gold to be extremely valuable.


6. Portfolio Diversification and Protection

Gold will protect your portfolio from volatility. It is a sure investment. On the other hand, stocks and other assets will expose your portfolio to volatility. You need to diversify your portfolio using gold. You should not have all your eggs in one basket.


Process of a Gold IRA Rollover from 401(k)

You can convert your 401 (k) into a self-directed gold IRA. A gold IRA rollover will make you to be fully in control of your retirement savings. You will be free to invest your savings in a wide range of assets including gold and silver. Gold IRA rollover involves the following steps:


1. Research – You need to research on gold IRA. You should read about storage fees, retirement accounts you can roll over, and the pros and cons of gold bullion versus collectible coins.


2. Find a reputable company and trustworthy custodian (all under one roof) that specifically deals with gold IRA rollovers. Learn about the investment options of the company and speak to a company representative. In addition, read the terms and conditions. Make sure the custodian is FDIC insured and meets the IRS requirements.


3. Fill out and submit an application for a self-directed gold IRA to the suitable custodian.


4. A custodian will reject or allow your application. In case of a rejection, make the necessary corrections.


5. Choose legal assets for your gold IRA.


6. Once your application is accepted, you will have to transfer funds for the purchase of physical gold.


7. After the custodian receives your funds, the custodian will send you an invoice and purchase physical gold on your behalf. After receiving the gold, they are stored safely and the rollover process is complete.


8. In most cases, you can visit the facility of the custodian and view your gold at any time. You can choose segregated or un-segregated storage. With segregated storage, you will have your own exclusive storage unit.

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Millionaires and billionaires are already investing in gold. Even governments have gold reserves. The US, China, and Russia are actively bolstering their gold reserves.

Should I Buy Gold For My IRA? Physical Gold IRA Rollover

Is Gold Considered a Good Investment?

Physical Gold In IRAGold is not merely a commodity. Gold is money. It has consistently outperformed real estate, the stock market, and currencies.


According to David Einhorn, a 42-year-old investor worth over $500 million and one of the owners of the New York Mets, gold is the strongest position in a portfolio. The Federal Reserve cannot print more gold. It is the true money of choice.


Gold is a necessary portfolio item in order to be well diversified. It is also a highly sought after commodity and a store of value. It’s the perfect for preserving wealth. Based on years past, you cannot go wrong with gold. When acquiring gold backed IRA information, you must first take into consideration that it is better to buy gold than keeping paper money in a bank account. Gold is a liquid asset and due to it’s global acceptance, can easily be sold at market value.


Gold is the asset of choice for your retirement portfolio. We’ve showed you the best gold backed IRA by Regal Assets, who’ve been in business for over a decade and has an excellent track record. According to online customer testimonials and feedback, Regal Assets is one of the most reputable gold companies in the entire industry.