Is Guidant Financial Group a Scam? Legit Complaints, Reviews, BBB rating

Guidant Financial Group Review

As an investment firm offering so many diverse services, one may wonder, is Guidant Financial Group a scam? We have looked into all the complaints, reviews, their BBB rating and can tell you they are legit.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you should use them for all your investment needs. You might be an investor who thinks some things are best kept separate. Well, their offerings range from financing for small businesses, setting up and buying franchises, advising franchisers, and then consulting on retirement planning.

Interest in gold investing has always been around since the beginning of civilization and now during modern times, especially during economic crises. People want a way to secure their financial futures in these uncertain times. So naturally looking for the best, most trustworthy company to help you with retirement advice might lead you to hearing about companies like Guidant Financial Group.

They do also provide self-directed retirement services to help rollover clients 401(k)’s into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The questions that you may be having are, will they be able to give me reliable service or are there more experienced companies that are focused just on the precious metals and IRA rollover business. After doing more research into this company the answers begin to surface. Ultimately you’ll may decide that you want to go with a company that is more specialized when it comes to precious metals self-directed IRAs, which we recommend at end of this review.

Is Guidant Financial Group a Scam?

Guidant Financial holds the highest rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is also an accredited business, meaning that the BBB regards Guidant as meeting their high standards. Guidant has been in good standing for many years. Now this shouldn’t be your only decision point even though the BBB is a reputable consumer advocacy agency, one of the oldest.

However, now for a company to be evaluated in order to receive the A+ rating they must first be accredited, which they are. You may also look to other watchdog groups, which are available online, as we have.

Guidant Financial Group Complaints

Consumer based advocacy websites like Yelp and Ripoff Report often times will only have unhappy customers which can directly voice (vent) their opinions and what they’ve experienced without the filter of an agency as an intermediary.

At these types of sites you may find comments from disgruntled clients trying to get revenge on a company for whatever reason and most likely exaggerate the negative aspects of a business. Mostly one sided opinions, so take them with a grain of salt.

The good thing is Guidant does respond to complaints. Most of the time customers will not respond with a “thank you”, so don’t expect to see it. We think it’s a major positive when a company responds and makes an effort to resolve the issues.

Over at the BBB their record is pretty good. There have been 8 complaints closed within the last 3 years, 2 that were closed in the last 12 months, as of writing this. The majority of the issues are relating to the product/service. Unfortunately, the BBB does not offer any more detailed information on their website, but you can always check later if you wish.


Now Guidant Financial is a company worth considering to do business with. They do have a handful of complaints, but that’s not many and is expected. After all, they have beeb in business over a decade, so they do have many satisfied customers with their services. We couldn’t find many offering positive reviews, which again is not necessarily a bad thing. The company’s management is active when responding to complaints at the BBB so they do care about client satisfaction.

So there are positives, but you should always do comparison shopping with other companies that we’ve reviewed. You may find others with more positive reviews and less complaints being filed.

Also, read up on what fees are to be expected when opening a precious metals IRA.

Which Company Are We Recommending?

One such company is our top recommended company (featured below) which focuses solely on precious metals and 401k rollovers to an IRA. See why they received our top honors here.

If you have any further comments or questions regarding Guidant Financial Group, please leave them below.