Best Gold IRA Custodian – What FEES to Watch Out For

After making the conscientious decision to diversify your portfolio, the next step is to find the best gold IRA custodian to avoid exorbitant fees and unnecessary hassle. Read on and you’ll be ahead of the game.

What are the most important deciding factors?

gold roth 401k iraSubconsciously you may also be hoping to find the company with the quickest most convenient and reliable service. This is only natural, yet may be easier hoped than found. The truth is that it a real jungle out there. And it’s pretty easy to be taken advantage of if you don’t have much knowledge in this type of investing. Falling prey to one of the many “predatory” companies is an unfortunate possibility for some.

Today I want to give you some information that will at least get you pointed in the right direction and help you avoid any delays in reaching your end goal of having a sound retirement account backed by gold. By knowing what to watch out for you will be better able to stay clear of any unethical company you may stumble upon.

As a review site, you will see the companies that we’ve reviewed and most of them we don’t actually recommend. There is rarely a company that does everything right. Well that being said let’s get into it. We have done the painstaking leg work to locate the companies with the best of the best in regards to both product and services and here’s how we did it.

Here are some questions you MUST ask any gold IRA custodian…

What are the IRA Setup and Storage Fees?

First of all, it is good to know that most custodians charge additional fees for the first year and others don’t. In this industry it is typical to have a scaling fee schedule which can end up costing clients more. This is not good because as your account grows in value these fees will also increase accordingly.

Make sure you ask what the company’s exact fee structure is specifically. It is best to go with a flat-fee company because if you have a scaling fee account, as you add funds or if gold value increases substantially (which it is expected to) your fees will skyrocket as well. It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars of the life of your account storage. Storage fees should not really be over $150 per year.

You can avoid this first pitfall right off the bat by going with a flat storage fee company we are recommending below. Right now this company will even waive your administration fee, setup fees, storage fees and delivery of metals for the 1st year, you get all for free. A savings of over $500 right there.

Next, you want to ask, what type of precious metals are approved for IRAs?

Yes, the top rated companies not only offer you the ability to purchase the gold bullion & coins directly, but also set up the self-directed IRA and provide storage. But most importantly make sure that you are purchasing the right kind of physical precious metals (whether gold, silver, or platinum) which must be approved investment grade bullion/coins. They must satisfy a certain level of purity (ex. .9999). Most government minted coins and bullion produced by COMEX and NYMEX are allowed.

Watch out for collector’s coins otherwise known as numismatic coins. Usually their purity and mineral content do not satisfy the requirements set forth by the IRS. Some examples of bullion coins approved for IRAs include U.S. Gold Eagles, Canadian Gold Maples, U.S. Silver Eagles, and South African Krugerrands.

Do they have a Buyback Program?

If the company does not offer a buyback policy then this is regarded as being a self-serving company that perhaps is not looking out for your best interest. Think about it, there may come a time when you want to sell your gold coins for a handsome profit. The company that you purchased them from should be willing to offer you fair market price when buying them back.

When you are ready to liquidate your assets if the company turns their back and doesn’t buyback or does so for a pennies on the dollar (so to speak) then you’ll know they only want to profit off of you.

Our Final Word

Getting to the point of making this imperative decision was not easy. I would hate for some unscrupulous company to take advantage of you and ruin this opportunity by dashing your hopes. You couldn’t have made a better choice by deciding to start investing in a gold IRA.

You can read in-depth review of our top recommended company here or read all the reasons why we chose them as the safest and most reliable company for gold IRA investing below. You should read throught their free gold kit to get more familiar.

Hopefully we’ve helped you find the best gold IRA custodian today and that you are more informed and ready to take action.

Who are we recommending?

our regal assets recommendation

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