Is Rosland Capital Gold a Scam? Review, Legitimate Complaints, Report Rip Off

This is a must-read if you’re currently searching for a legit gold dealer/custodian and have found yourself asking, is Rosland Capital gold a scam. This is understandable given all the misinformation and misleading promotions in the industry.


Rosland Capital is one of the most authentic precious metals dealers in the USA, so there is definitely no scam here. This is a legitimate company that has been in existence since 2005 and is actually one of the most customer-focused in the industry. However, it does have its fair share of complaints though.


It’s imperative that you filter out the companies that do not have a stellar reputation for putting the customer first, along with having all the proper designations and accreditations for legitimate dealers. So let’s see if Rosland Capital passes the test.

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We commend you for doing your own research. Fraud is a concern in this industry and we constantly hear about clients being taken advantage of. Make sure you read some more reviews here before deciding to invest with just any company.


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Rosland Capital Review

is rosland capital a scamYou may have seen their commercials on FOX news, if so, you’d automatically assume the company is trustworthy. When people start researching companies, naturally we look to see if there’s been some sort of rip-off associated with the firm. We’ll explore this company’s precious metals business, as well as legitimate complaints and any praises it’s received throughout the years. Let’s get into some of the pros and cons that steer people towards or against choosing this company as their precious metals dealer.


Rosland BBB Ratings

osland Capital review accreditationsThey’ve been a BBB accredited business (since 2008), as well as a preferred member of TrustLink and Business Consumer Alliance among other business consumer organizations. Unlike some virtual companies, whose location or contacts cannot be independently verified, Rosland Capital’s physical location and contacts can be found on various websites. They are based out of Los Angeles, California.

We’ll try and save you time from having to look through all the different review sites. We’ve compiled a summary of the complaints below.


In addition to being in business for a lengthy period of time, Rosland Capital has:

  • an excellent A+ rating with BBB.
  • out of 49 customer reviews they’ve received 3.24 stars out of 5
  • 26 different 5-star reviews have been left from satisfied customers
  • there are 20+ different 1-star reviews that been left by disgruntled clients since 2018

* With scores like this we cannot currently recommend them.


To learn more about our current top recommended company read their company review.

Rosland Capital Complaints

When researching Rosland Capital further you may notice that they’re not without their share of complaints. Yes, there are a few more complaints than we’d like to see, which is concerning.

Past customers have accused them of:

  • overpricing its coins
  • not delivering the exact precious metals that were ordered
  • having rude customer services reps
  • delaying the delivery of purchased metals
  • they’ve received 23 complaints over the past 3 years
  • out of those complaints, 5 have been closed in the last year 

They claim that their delivery of precious metals will take roughly 14 business days and that competitors of theirs can take up to 28 business days.


** There’s only one company that we’re aware of that guarantees delivery of precious metals within 7 days.


Currently, on the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), they have the best rating of AAA.

  • 13 complaints have been closed in the last 3 years
  • they’ve resolved 100% of the complaints
  • they’ve settled a total of $177,937 out of $354,487.00 that was in dispute
  • they have 5 stars based on 8 positive reviews


Again at the BCA, they have positively responded and addressed all complaints. These are the statistics on how these complaints were resolved :

  • 2 customers were given a full refund as requested
  • they agreed to make adjustments for 5 customers
  • they refused to make adjustments for 6 customers


So as you can see Rosland Capital has positive reviews, does listen to their customers, is not unreasonable, and can be dealt with amicably. Keep in mind, the number of complaints is not that high considering the years in business and the thousands of customers that they have satisfactorily maintained as clients.


They have also addressed every complaint and have closed out all of them with a resolution and detailed explanation of all actions taken. This speaks volumes. It shows that they deeply care about customers, their reputation, and maintaining their good image.


Rosland Capital has been cited numerous times as being professional, offering clients advice regarding gold investment and other precious metals into their IRAs. 


Our Recommendation

One company that we have found to repeatedly deliver overly sufficient information and an overwhelming amount of positive ratings on consumer protection review websites and overall positive customer feedback is below:


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They have also received our top honors five years in a row and counting, based on consumer reviews and overall client satisfaction.


The thing we most admired about this company, besides all of the awards, accolades, positive client reviews, is the fact that they were not pushy salespeople. They take time to explain all the aspects and then they give you time to think it over.


If you decide to give them a call, then once you do, the representative that answers become your dedicated account manager, and every subsequent encounter will be with this same person. We found that this helps build long-lasting trust.


To top it all off, they have a 7 business day guaranteed delivery when you order your precious metals. This is unheard of in this industry. Remember they won’t pressure you or steer you into anything, trust as they get enough business as is. Give them a try and at least call to get their free precious metals investor kit. It is very professional and well laid out.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this Rosland Captial review has cleared the air about any Rosland Capital gold scam or any rip-off accusations or complaints. There are hundreds of precious metals dealers and there are several ways through which potential precious metals’ investors can identify professional dealers. In most cases, credible dealers should be registered as practicing businesses in their locality, have available information on various platforms, have numerous customer reviews (positive ones should exceed negative ones), and deliver on their advertised products and services.


Gold investments have overtaken traditional investments as being viewed as safer for several reasons. Self-directed gold IRAs (individual retirement account) are a more favorable investment than investing in other forms of traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, and similar instruments.


For starters, physical gold, unlike paper money, retains its value for years. Again, dollar inflation causes a gradual devaluation of the dollar, whereas economic turmoil, political instability, and calamities affect whole economies, therefore, the purchasing power of most assets. We suggest doing further research for your precious metals investment based on the nature of complaints and negative reviews you find with other companies.


Please also familiarize yourself with what fees are to be expected when opening a precious metals IRA.  After reading this, you’ll know exactly how much you should be paying.


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6 comments on “Is Rosland Capital Gold a Scam? Review, Legitimate Complaints, Report Rip Off

  1. The problem with this Rosland Capital is that they don’t sell ordinary gold coins. They sell special editions, and special grade coins. These coins are not transparently priced so with a slick sales person they can basically set their own price and there is a limited market when you come to resell.
    If you want to buy gold coins I would suggest that you buy ordinary gold coins such as Brittanias, Krugerands, Philharmonics (not the ‘graded’ versions Rosland sells). These are widely sold by other companies, are transparently priced and easy to resell.
    If you are a coin collector and know what you are doing then by all means buy what Rosland is selling, but its a case of buyer beware.

  2. Having just watched ‘Rip-off Britain’ I would advise potential customers to give this company a wide berth! Some very unhappy, stressed customers. They charge too much up front and your investment is VERY unlikely to increase in value over what you have paid! Perhaps a posher type of scam!

  3. I completely agree with Arthur and then some.
    My parents lost over $40,000 because of Rosland Capital’s devious and unethical business practices.
    We are in the process of starting a class action suit along with the other
    thousands of people who have been scammed by this company.

    They outright lie about everything and there is Absolutely No Disclosure regarding…
    You buy the gold BUT they will only buy it back at less than 30 % of your purchase price.
    No matter what the market is doing !!!!
    It you buy $1,000.00 in coins….they will only buy them back for $700.00
    The best advice that we were given by an attorney was to RECORD. ALL CONVERSATIONS

  4. Buyer beware. I purchased proof coins both gold and silver. When I decided it was time to cash in the coins I found out I was a lil over 9000to the negative.Numerous attempts to resolve this matter thru the company and my salesman have done nothing, No one from the company will return my calls or emails.I FOUND OUT I WAS CHARGED ALMOST DOUBLE THE PRICE OF THE COINS.RIGHT NOW I AM IN THE PROCESS OF COMPLAINING TO THE BBB .VERY ANGRY OF BEING SCREWED MY THIS COMPANY.Once they had my money the service was over.DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.

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