Holding Physical Gold in an IRA – Why It’s Important!

Retirement comes around far more quickly than you might expect. And the financial markets are not as reliable as they once were. Holding physical gold in an IRA, especially in 2015 and beyond when currencies can be devalued in excess of 30% in one day, has now become the excepted new necessity.

Holding Physical Gold In An IRAAs you reach the age where you should be enjoying life instead of working, you have to make sure that you have the money necessary to enjoy the rest of your years. Unfortunately, many typical investing tools are prone to falling to the fluctuations of the stock market and the world economy at large, leaving even the best prepared individuals without the funds necessary for retirement.

Fortunately, there is another option – a precious metals backed IRA can be used to invest in precious metals, and offers a stable method of wealth-generation for retirement. 

A Hedge Against the Market

One of the primary goals of any retirement account should be to keep your money safe. While investing in the market is always a good idea when you’re starting out, the years closest to your retirement should be about consolidating wealth and making sure that you don’t lose money. This is where precious metals really come into play – they tend to ignore the movements of the market, keeping their value even as other types of investment fluctuate. As you near the end of your working career, a precious metals IRA will help you to keep the money for which you have worked so hard.

Insurance Against Disaster

Realistically, metals also keep their value even when times get tough. A fluctuating market isn’t the only thing that you have to worry about – you have to worry about a world that is always teetering on the brink of disaster. Even issues like extreme weather, war, and financial instability can destroy the value of a traditional investment, while the value of metals is preserved or increases. If you want to make sure that you have the money needed to survive no matter what happens, you should make sure that your portfolio is based around metals with a precious metals IRA (or the highly sought afters Gold IRA rollover).

Growing Your Wealth

So, how do you make sure that you have the right metal investments? Simply put, you do a gold IRA rollover. If you control your own IRA, all you need to do is to find the right broker – look for a company that charges reasonable fees, has reasonable delivery time and a good reputation online. Once you contact the broker, you can roll over you account and move your investments over to precious metals. Your Roth IRA will now be in a position to invest in these commodities instead of typical stocks, and will give you all the tools you need to grow your wealth.

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Of course you may also purchase precious metals directly without an IRA as well.

Be Warned…

It should go without saying that there’s no such thing as a perfect investment, but there are ways to make sure that your investment in metals will stand the test of time. You absolutely must work with a broker – purchasing without an IRA is possible, but you’ll be hit with more substantial fees and have to deal with a great deal of work in terms of storage and taxation. Your goal should not be just the purchase of metals in general, but the generation of wealth that can occur only with a gold IRA rollover.

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You have the ability to stay in control of your future, so long as you are willing to make the right choices with your money. Get out of the traditional investing world, and embrace the stability and ease of a precious metals IRA. A rollover is a quick and painless process, and will set you up for a future in which you don’t have to worry about your money. I hope this has article has helped get you closer to taking the steps necessary to holding physical gold in your IRA.Your only real issue is time – so make sure that you talk to a reputable broker (such as our top recommended company below) about a gold IRA rollover today.

precious metals accreditations
Make sure the precious metals company you end up choosing has these accreditations.