Advantage Gold IRA Reviews & Ratings 2022

We’ve compiled all the most important Advantage Gold IRA reviews, complaints, and scores from six of the top consumer rating agencies, this way you’ll have everything here in one place and won’t have to hop around from site to site.

Advantage Gold Review & Complaints

Advantage Gold

Overall Rating: Excellent
Service Quality: Very Good
Product Quality: Excellent
Pricing & Fees: Excellent
Customer Support: Excellent
12100 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite #1450
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: (800) 341-8584
Updated July 8, 2022
Updated July 8, 2022
Updated July 8, 2022
Updated July 8, 2022
Updated July 8, 2022
Updated July 8, 2022

IMPORTANT: Before investing in precious metals you must understand the risks and fees involved. Do your own research and don’t just go with any company. Make sure the company is vetted and comes highly recommended.

If short on time go here: Top Winners of the Bullion Dealer of the Year!

* Our current top-recommended company.

Advantage Gold Review

One thing we like right off the bat is that Advantage Gold openly lists all their fees and they are on the lower side when comparing with others in the industry; which is obviously great.

Advantage Gold is absolutely 100% legitimate and has been a reputable business since 2014. There are no lawsuits or government actions against the company. In business since. They mainly assist with the formation of precious metals IRAs.

Advantage Gold prides itself on helping individuals diversify their retirement funds through setting up gold and silver IRAs, either by rolling over from your 401(k) or transferring from other accounts.

Fee Schedule

  • Initial set-up fees (one-time): $50
  • Annual storage fee: $100
  • Annual admin fee: $75

Their main focus remains to be their commitment to education, low transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and keeping the clients’ best interests at heart. Their partner custodian is STRATA Trust Company.

If you decide to invest $25,000 or more, you will get fully insured free shipping included. By investing $50,000 or more you’ll have all fees waived for one year.

The IRS-approved precious metals that you designate for purchase within your IRA will be held legally at the well-known Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Services, your choice.


Positive Reviews

When it comes to the overall reviews available on we found that there is an overwhelmingly positive profile and praise from customers. Their clients are praising the way the company spends hours educating them before making any decisions on moving forward with any investments.

A majority of positive reviews report the following:

  • Very friendly, supportive, and helpful staff
  • Representatives are very knowledgable of offered products
  • Customers never felt rushed to purchase anything
  • Professional, prompt, sensitive to individual needs
  • Thoroughly advise customers on all their options
  • They stay in touch with customers post-sale

Advantage Gold Complaints (as of July 6, 2021)

Although we could only find a very minimal amount of complaints, there are some worth taking note of. 

Some reported complaints are:

  • Receiving a low buy-back price offer
  • Not transparent regarding the transaction costs (commissions)
  • Pushy sales tactics to purchase products the customer did not want


Trustlink – a 5-star rating based on 416 reviews

One 2-star review:

The client was price shopping and didn’t get the lowest (best) price compared to another company $3 less for Canadian Maple Leafs

Company response: They have provided over seven hours of education and consultation to this specific client over a 6 month period and in the name of transparency stated that they received less than 1% in fees and also gave a $200 credit. 

On a 35-minute follow-up call with the client, after they left the review, Advantage Gold stated this client has expressed their desire to acquire more precious metals from them and is confident that everything will improve going forward.

It shows the company values its client’s satisfaction and has shown goodwill by taking the time to respond and address the issue.

Two 1-star reviews: 

  • Never received the Gold Guide book. The client states they wanted the physical copy but was only sent a digital version.

In our experience, you would only get a “physical” kit once you have been on a call and expressed your intent while verifying your information in order to be eligible. After all, the company doesn’t want to waste advertising dollars on those who are not serious investors.

  • Wanted to sell back their Canadian coin which they paid $462.50 two years prior. At the time the client claims Advantage Gold offered $562 then later revised the offer to $406.

Without more detail, it is difficult to determine if the company deserves this bad review. Perhaps the market conditions changed and typically on buybacks you will get a few dollars below the spot value regardless.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) – 4.73 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews

  • Zero customer complaints! That is unheard of in the industry. Excellent. Impeccable service.
  • According to the BBB, Advantage Gold has not received any negative reviews (except one) or complaints in over 7 years. Rated A+, their top honor.

There was only one 1-star rating of a client claiming that only 20% of the metals that she bought were worth anything and the rest was junk. The company responded within a few days stating that what is referred to as “junk” metals are not permissible inside of an IRA and are not sold to retirement accounts. They tried to reach the individual multiple time to clear up any confusion but were unable to reach them.

Consumer Affairs – a 5-star rating based on 391 reviews

Zero 1 and 2-star reviews, fantastic!

There are two 3 star reviews. One was praising the representatives’ manner but was just not interested in the product. The other was a potential customer that wanted to purchase 12 oz. of silver. They were disappointed when the company responded that they have a minimum of $10,000.

The rest are all 4 and 5-star reviews: 389! These are some of the highest ratings we’ve seen on this rating site when comparing their competitors.

Trust Pilot – 5 stars out of 5 stars! Excellent rating from 1,043 reviews

This is another amazing achievement, with only one poor review an overall 100% positive rating, with 98% coming from 5-star reviews and 2% from 4-star reviews. Less than 1% is coming from one 2-star review.

This complaint is from back in 2017, a repeat of the same person who left a 2-star review on Trustlink and has also been quickly tended to and resolved. The company has responded thoughtfully in our opinion.

Google Reviews – 5.0 stars out of 5! With 716 reviews in total

Advantage Gold Google reviews and ratings

After searching through pages and pages of reviews we were not able to find a single negative review. All were 5 stars, not even any 4 stars, wow! We think it is safe to say that all their clients are happy.

Advantage Gold Google positive reviews

All the 5-star reviews keep on reiterating how the representative is extra patient and the knowledge they provided was unparalleled. Here is a sample:

Advantage Gold Google positive reviews sample


We recommend Advantage Gold if you have a minimum of $10,000 to invest and are looking to store precious metals in an IRA account. They have a fantastic track record and hundreds of positive reviews, which is quite impressive for such a young company. They are growing fast and have maintained a very low complaint count for over 6 years straight.

If you are new to investing in precious metals, you can take advantage of their First Time Gold Investor Program, where they walk you through the steps involved and the types of metals you’re allowed to hold. The fact that they focus on fully educating their clients before they commit says a lot.

*If you would like to compare Advantage Gold with a review we did of our current #1 pick you can view that here, best gold ira company.