Augusta Precious Metals Review: Why All the Hype?

So you’ve come across Augusta Precious Metals in your search for a highly experienced, top-of-the-line professional gold and silver IRA company. You’re in luck because after this review you will have accomplished your goal of finding the most qualified company to handle your most valuable assets.

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All they’re cracked up to be?

That’s what we were wondering too. Does Augusta deserve the hype? After we conducted a deep-dive we can safely say, “Yes, we think so.” You may have already heard about all the praise and rave reviews out there. Well, we also wanted to make sure that it’s all true.


Augusta Precious Metals Complaints

After thorough fact checking and going through hundreds of customer reviews/testimonials, we could not find one instance of a negative review or complaint; not a single one. Incredible!


This company has zero complaints since its founding in 2012 (very unusual) and has absolutely excellent ratings/reviews on all consumer reporting websites. After checking with eight of the top online consumer rating agencies, including Google My Business and National Ethics Association, there were no complaints filed.


Augusta Review Consumer Rating Sites


We are happy to report that they either have the highest rating and accreditations, a “very high” rating, and/or have received the highest honor for every trusted agency that matters.


Zero complaints is unprecedented in this industry.

Augusta Precious Metals complaints
Snapshot taken from the BCA website.

We have also found that they are in fact delivering above and beyond customer expectations when servicing IRAs. IRAs particularly for storing precious metals is their sole focus. So, yes indeed they are worth the hype and have been living up to their promises while meeting investor demands seemingly year after year.


We even contacted the company directly and spoke to their CEO, Isaac Nuriani for further clarity, to see what exactly they are doing differently to stand out and put themselves ahead of their competitors. Our findings are presented below…


What makes Augusta Precious Metals so special?

First of all, like we said, this company has zero complaints and a one-of-a kind web conference for investor education and onboarding new clients. Along with a high level of transparency and compliance – also an endorsement by Joe Montana’s personal financial advisors, they are unbeatable right now.


In light of all that Augusta has to offer to gold and silver investors, we are proud to announce that Augusta Precious Metals is now our #1 recommended gold & silver IRA company!


By clicking below, you’ll be redirected to Augusta’s website to learn how easy it is to get your IRA setup and metals purchased.

Go ahead and take a second to grab their ultra helpful Gold IRA Guide below.

Augusta Gold IRA Guide
Click to be sent to Augusta’s official site.


How Augusta Sets Themselves Apart and Adds Real Value

Augusta is not a “one and done” provider of precious metals products. This company’s stated mission (and they really live up to it) is the education and empowerment of all Americans who seek to protect their retirement by diversifying with gold and silver.


Augusta accomplishes this mission every day in a variety of ways, including by providing unparalleled customer service, total transparency in all areas and outstanding leadership from industry veterans.


When It Comes to Educating Their Customers

Not only does the company offer a wealth of blogs and videos, it is the only company to offer a live one-on-one web conference personally designed by an on-staff Harvard-trained economist.

Augusta Webinar w/ Joe Montana
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JOIN Free Web Conference (No hassle or obligation)
* Only for those who have $50,000 or more saved.

In this personal web conference, you’ll receive essential information that could profoundly affect your retirement. Retirees across the country are giving it rave reviews!


Reviews of Augusta Precious Metals Webinar Conference

Augusta Webinar Reviews


Benefits of a Personal 1-on-1 Web Conference

Augusta’s on-staff economist and director of education, Mr. Devlyn Steele, sometimes will spend more than an hour with guests just like yourself explaining how to get started with precious metals, discussing the current economic situation and the threats to your retirement funds, and of course detailing all the benefits of adding physical gold and silver to your IRA.


Also featured in the web conference will be Augusta’s corporate ambassador, hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana, who has invested a healthy portion of his wealth with Augusta. So, he does walk the walk and talk the talk. You’ll be greeted by Joe in the presentation and he’ll explain why he has chosen to invest with Augusta out of all the other precious metals companies out there.


** Here’s a sneak preview **

Joe Montana found Augusta after asking his personal financial advisors to find what they considered to be the best precious metals company available. Joe attended the web conference hosted by Devlyn Steel, and the rest, as they say, is history. Joe was so inspired by Augusta’s mission of education and empowerment that he not only became a highly satisfied customer but the company’s corporate ambassador, as well.

(schedule your personal conference call today by clicking the link above)


This incredibly fascinating web conference will change the way you think about saving and diversifying your retirement. Augusta is truly considered a precious metals leader throughout the retirement investment community.


An Extensive Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta BBB RatingAugusta BBB Ratings & Reviews
(as of Dec. 27, 2021)

There is not one reported negative review on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing (or BCA—see below), which is amazing! Only positive review after positive review.

  • Accredited since Feb. 2015 with an A+ rating
  • 4.97 stars out of 5. An excellent score from 90 positive customer reviews
  • No customer complaints –  zero. To confirm: zero complaints have been filed, ever!
  • Augusta makes a conscientious effort to respond to every customer review


Here are examples of the positive reviews from the BBB and testimonials left by real customers of Augusta:

Augusta BBB Reviews


If you’re interested to know how high-net-worth individuals invest their retirement savings to protect their portfolios with assets like gold and silver, join the web conference with the link above. Augusta will reveal a little-known secret that millionaires use when setting up their IRAs.


Augusta BCA RatingAugusta BCA Ratings & Reviews
(as of Dec. 27, 2021)

  • Zero complaints against Augusta  (again!)
  • 5 stars out of 5 based on 74 positive reviews
  • AAA rating (highest possible score)
  • No need for any resolutions, as there were no complaints
  • Proud member of the BCA since Nov. 2013


No complaints filed at the BBB and BCA is absolutely unheard of in this industry and a testament to the professionalism and integrity of this company. It is evident that Augusta cares about their customers as much as their reputation.


Augusta BCA Profile rating

Majority of all positive reviews stated that the individual was happy to be a customer and appreciates their patience, kindness, and professionalism.


Here are some more heartfelt “thank-yous” and the latest BCA reviews:

Augusta BCA Reviews


Customers consistently praise the well-informed presentation (web conference) and are really impressed with the information passed on, as well as Mr. Steele’s graciousness in answering all questions.


Other positive remarks reference Augusta’s courteous and very knowledgeable staff as well as the excellent webinar and smooth process of opening an account as reasons why customers’ Augusta experience is extremely pleasant.


Augusta Consumer Affairs ReviewsAugusta Consumer Affairs Ratings & Reviews
(as of Dec. 27, 2021)

Again, Augusta Precious Metals does not disappoint on this well-known consumer rating site as you can see below:

  • A near-perfect score at 4.9 out 5
  • 82 positive ratings
  • No complaints. Zero.
  • Rave reviews from customers


Hundreds who’ve attended the webinar have left 5-star reviews stating that Augusta’s Harvard-trained economist Devlyn Steele and his team do an excellent job of explaining the current economic climate and detail exactly how to benefit from having a portion of your assets in precious metals to weather any financial storm that may arise.


The web conference is actually a 1-on-1 personal educational session, not a high-pressure sales pitch. Many current customers continue to express how it was well worth their time.


Here is an example of one such review:

Augusta Consumer Affairs Review example 1


And here is another of the most recent 5-star reviews:

Augusta Consumer Affairs Review example 2


Augusta Accolades, Credentials, and Awards

  • Accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) Member since 2015 with an A+ rating
  • Business Consumer Alliance member since 2013 with a AAA rating (highest)
  • Voted “Most Trusted in the U.S.” by IRA Gold Advisor
  • A TrustLink “Best of” award winner for multiple years
  • Been in business for a decade


Why Choose Augusta as Your Precious Metal IRA Provider?

  • Extremely customer-focused with no complaints or bad reviews on rating sites (!)
  • No pushy sales tactics or pressure to decide, customers say
  • Works for long-lasting customer relationships, starting with unique personal video conference/Zoom call with agent and on-staff Harvard-trained economist or his staff
  • Committed to total transparency, with dedicated compliance department
  • Account lifetime service to customers for their metals portfolios
  • True specialty in gold and silver IRAs – no other products listed
  • Great value with excellent pricing and up to 10 years of fees waived (ask how many years you qualify for) – plus only about 5% over cost for bullion
  • Puts educating and empowering customers above all else


Top-Notch Customer Service is Paramount

Augusta’s customer service truly is the “gold” standard among precious metals companies. There have been no recorded complaints on any consumer review sites and rating agencies (as shown above). This is an incredible accomplishment and we think Augusta is the only company that can boast of such a record. No other competitors have been able to keep up such a pristine record for so many years in a row. Unheard of in this industry.


As you embark on your journey to protect your retirement with precious metals, we want you to rest assured that you have found what we believe is the best gold and silver company out there right now.


Here’s why…


When you go with Augusta you know exactly what you are buying and WHY you’re buying it. You can also be confident that you are getting the best price.


There are NO fear tactics or “Teasers”

For example, Augusta doesn’t offer gimmicks or “come-on deals” such as “free silver” like other companies do. Smart, sophisticated investors can see through these marketing tactics and know the company must be marking up the rest of the deal in order to offer “free” metals.


Fast and Easy Precious Metals IRA Creation

One of the best things about Augusta is its ability to streamline and expedite the process of opening and funding your gold or silver IRA. You follow along an assembly-line-like process that the company is clearly very adept at carrying out with customer after customer.


Your assigned personal customer success agent is always there to introduce you to professionals in the different departments to handle setup, funding, choosing your precious metals, confirming your purchase with a super-transparent transaction agreement – and then all of those experts are on standby to help you any time, as long as you are a customer. In other words, they don’t just get your money and then stop paying attention to you. They even help you communicate with your custodian and the depository/storage company.


Augusta Precious Metals Fees and Pricing

Industry-Leading Gold & Silver IRA company Augusta PM is proud to have the most transparent, most competitive pricing in the entire industry.


Annual fees are just $80 for custodial administration with its preferred custodian, plus $100 per year for storage and there are no Augusta management fees. There are no hidden management fees of any kind – you control your self-directed IRA yourself.

Additionally, Augusta offers up to 10 years of fees waived for new customers.  

  • $80 yearly admin fee
  • $100 yearly storage fee
  • Absolutely no management fees!


With their transparent pricing and open fee structure, you know exactly what you are paying for with NO surprise, hidden costs that tend to pop up later on with some of the other companies.


Augusta has always been within our top two or three recommended companies every year. Now, as we said earlier, as its reputation has grown and services have been added, Augusta is now our #1 recommended gold and silver IRA company.


In fact, we believe it is far and beyond any other gold IRA company out there. It’s hard to beat it’s streamlined, friendly approach and the depth of service.


Final Verdict

Voted best gold IRA companyIf you’ve done your research and have already found Augusta Precious Metals, search no more. You are definitely in the right place – we can confirm your decision to work with this company. Take control of your financial future today with the help of a true “service veteran” within the gold IRA and precious metals investing sector.


We recommend furthering your education and the easiest way to get where you need to be is to attend their exceptional web conference here.


After speaking with a designated customer success agent at Augusta, you’ll have some great specific information and tools to help you use precious metals to avoid potential economic risks. And Augusta makes account set-up very easy. 


They do 95% of the paperwork with you to set up your account within an IRA or as a cash account (non-IRA). According to the website, Augusta also acts as a liaison with your custodian and storage facility to help ensure your experience buying and owning gold and silver remains entirely hassle-free. 


Something else: You’ll find Augusta operates differently from other gold IRA companies in that they have specialized departments that seamlessly manage each step of the streamlined process. Not only does this system help to ensure that no “glitches” arise with your account, but the resulting efficiency by experts in each department produces a cost savings that’s essentially passed on to customers.


Get in touch with Augusta Precious Metals’ award-winning team.

First, learn all about the “behind-the-scenes” challenges the American economy and financial system can present to retirement investors such as yourself. And then protect your financial future from those same challenges by setting up a silver and gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals’ quick, easy and transparent process.


Let us know in the comments section if you decide to move forward with Augusta PM and how your experience was. We hope we’ve been of help to you in this next chapter of your retirement planning.