Lexi Capital Review, Gold IRA Scam? Complaints

Lexi Capital Gold Review

Here we will be discussing the positives, complaints and if there is a scam involving this company offering gold IRAs.

Lexi Capital is a relatively new company based out of Chapel Hill, NC and according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) they have 5 employees. This small business was started in 2010 and was accredited by the BBB in 2012. It is tough to find a lot of information about this company on the internet which could make it difficult to make an objective decision about trying their services. However, we have ruled out and have determined that they are not a scam.

Lexi Capital Gold Rating

Over at Trust link two people have left positive reviews for Lexi Capital giving them 5 stars for their customer service and for receiving their order in the condition as described. They are also mentioned as having good pricing and offering quarterly reviews of accounts. It’s also interesting to note that on their TrustLink business profile their address is listed as Los Angeles.

You may be thinking that basing a decision on only two reviews might not be enough information but it does show there are satisfied customers out there.

Another positive instance that we can report is there is only one negative complaint on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website within the last three years. The complaint is relating to a delivery issue and seems as though it has been closed out with the help of the BBB. Lexi Capital is rated as an A-.

We could not really find many direct complaints or positive reviews either. When a company does not have much of an internet presence in this day in age it may make you wonder. The fact that there is very little information, reviews or discussion about this company on forums and on other sites is not a bad thing. Perhaps this is due to the company’s youth and has not yet gained enough exposure.


We cannot really say either way what the true reputation is for Lexi Capital. For this reason, do not commit yourself without doing your own thorough research.

One other thing to have an idea about before you contact a precious metals dealer is; what is the most you should be paying in fees for a precious metals IRA.

Who Are We Recommending?

We have reviewed other companies that have an excellent background along with positive testimonials. One such company is currently our top rated dealer/custodian.

Feel free to comment below if you have had your own experience with Lexi Capital or if you have anything else to add to this review.