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Blanchard Gold Reviews

Is Blanchard Gold a rip off? Please read on. Well, they do have complaints in many other reviews. They offer gold bullion, gold coins and online services to rollover 401(k) fund into gold or silver.


They also offer palladium and platinum bullion as another avenue to invest in precious metals. According to the Better Business Bureau, Blanchard and Company was started in New Orleans in 1975 as an investment advisory service. They have been an accredited business since 1982. Let’s take a quick look and see if this company should be considered.


Blanchard Gold Ratings

They have been around for quite a while and have managed to hold an A+ rating from the BBB. One of their policies offer a 10-day customer satisfaction policy after you have received your numismatic coins for instance. There is a buy-back program in place if you ever need to liquidate your precious metals at any time.


No known significant government actions have been taken against Blanchard & Company, Inc.  Thus far they have responded to all complaints that have been filed against them. So it seems as though they do listen to their customers and put forth effort to help resolve matters. This is a good thing.


Blanchard Gold Complaints

They have had 13 complaints in the last 3 years, 3 of which have been closed in the last 12 months at Better Business Bureau, as of writing this. Complaints arose from topics ranging from billing/collection issues, delivery issues, guarantee issues and problems with the actual products received. You can read the specifics at the BBB if you wish.


They do not have many reviews positive or otherwise on TrustLink. It seems as though no clients have offered their full experiences just yet. You can also check out the other consumer sites such as Ripoff Report.


On occasion it does happen where clients of companies may feel they were taken advantage of because they had no prior experience with gold purchases. For example, they believed such a competitive market would breed similar pricing on coins and are surprised later to find that they’ve paid a premium over the current spot price. When researching other companies you may come across reviews like this, but keep in mind these are rare instances.


If the sales associates are looking out for your best interest, you should never feel pressured into buying a certain kind of coin or product.You should also be able to sell your metals back at fair market value at any time.


As a customer, after you send in your check, the company should not stall and take weeks or months to place and fulfill your order. These are red flags. Companies should be timely when you purchase your metals as the markets are always changing. You want to secure the best price on the day you decide to buy, knowing the price could increase the next day.


In Summary

Yes there are positive reviews out there by people that say Blanchard and Company is one of the best in the business and have had nothing but positive experiences with honest associates giving them good investment advice. This shows that they should not be distrusted and that by helping many people they do deserve to be considered for future transactions.


If you come across disheartening stories of others’ complaints don’t ignore them completely. Most companies don’t advertise to be the cheapest, but there should be a reasonable limit of premium being added on to prices. Do your research and have an idea what the average prices are before calling, that way you can gauge for yourself if a particular company is charging too much.


Which Company Are We Recommending?

A company that is well known for fair pricing and not over-charging is also currently our highest rated precious metals dealer…see the following review: Regal Assets company review


If you have any information on Blanchard and Company that you’d like to share or have had a first hand experience please share it with the rest of us here. It will help a lot of folks out when deciding which company to go with. Thanks in advance for contributing.

6 comments on “Blanchard Gold Reviews, Rip Off? Complaints – Gold Bullion, Coins Online

  1. It seems wrong, they said it would take 3 weeks to get my coins and also 3 weeks to get a money bank transfer for the sale of 2 other coins.They want me to fax a copy of a blank check, after i gave them all the info they ask for a bank direct transfer.

  2. i am not an expert in coins… i am of the opinion that one should only buy gold or silver for it gold or silver content…not for any numismatic value…leave that for those who have knowledge in that field… it would have been good if douglas had done his homework before buying “rare coins”… it would have been good if the seller had told douglas that “rare coins” have a value due to their content of gold or silver and a “value” due to any numismatic value. one should do some research before buying an item they are not familiar with

  3. To John w. Buy gold now at spot. And coins because you like nuimasmatics . I know bad spelling.hold until gold at 3000 or more.wait for 20 years and will be more. Why.starts with eu and there countries will be only thing left and gov will reset value of gold.i am the first of the world record.have a nice day. Hillard.

  4. These guys are really a bunch of professional scammers, watch out! I got talked into buying rare coins that we’re going to go up in value faster than gold Eagles. I trusted them on their recommendation. Well guess what, they pulled a bait and switch on me and 10 years later my rare coins have lost 60% of their purchase price. Nice guys, they do not have any morals and are not looking out to help you invest. Pass this on to anyone who is thinking about doing business with them!

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