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When it comes specifically to gold and silver investing for retirement or cash purchases, Goldco is one of the most well-known precious metals brokers in the industry.

In business since 2006, Goldco is perhaps the most legitimate of all precious metals IRA brokers and has garnered well over 1,000 5-Star reviews with only a handful of complaints over many years.

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awards & Accolades

Recognized as 2021 Company of the Year – Stevie Awards

Awarded INC 500 recognition for over 5 years

Goldco Ranked #1 Inc. 500

Leader ın gold IRAS

They have been named by Inc. Magazine as the #3 fastest-growing financial services company in the U.S.

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Business Consumer Alliance AAA Rating

Low Annual Fees

100% FREE IRA Rollover

In a class of their own

Overall the company has an excellent rating profile and an extremely minimal amount of complaints compared to the vast number of 5-star reviews received

Unmatched Customer Service

No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Highest Buyback Guarantee


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Fraud is a concern in this industry and we constantly hear about customers being taken advantage of. Make sure you read a few more reviews here before deciding to invest with just any company.

What Makes Goldco the Best Gold IRA Company?

The company’s main focus is on educating its clients with the most up-to-date economic insights and recent policy changes that will surely affect retirees’ future savings plans. They provide some of the most thorough onboarding experiences in the industry.

Goldco IRA Fees

One-Time Setup Fee$50
Wire Transfer Fee$30
Annual Maintenance Fee$80
Annual Segregated Storage Fee$100
* $50 annual storage fee if you elect to have non-segregated storage.

Request Your Free Guide

All 1st-year fees are waived for IRAs above $50,000 AND receive %5 back in FREE precious metals for any purchases above $50,000 when you request your guide below!

Goldco Protecting Wealth Guide
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* Goldco is currently also offering a time-sensitive ‘Special Edition Silver Coin’. Terms and conditions apply. Must fill out the request form. One per customer.

Minimum Investment Amounts

  • Non-IRAs: $5,000 (direct cash purchases).
  • IRA min investment: $25,000

First of all, we commend you for deciding to take this important step in your financial future and for doing your own research. To make it easier on you, we’ve compiled and summarized all the Goldco IRA reviews and ratings from the top rating sites into one comprehensive review. This way you’ll have everything in one place and won’t have to go off searching through all the noise on the internet.

We were able to find a good amount of solid actionable information on the company and here are some of our findings to help you make a more informed decision when deciding which company to move forward with.

Goldco Positive Reviews

* As of March 12, 2022

Goldco Trustpilot Rating & Reviews (updated March 12, 2022)

There are roughly 97% more positive reviews than there are complaints. Out of thousands of positive reviews, when analyzed complaints make up only less than one percent (<1%).

Goldco has been reviewed by customers on Trustpilot since September 2015. So this gives us quite a bit of customer data to go off of. Just within the last month, there have been a handful of new reviews, showing there are recent active happy clients leaving reviews.

  • The current official ‘Goldco’ profile on Trustpilot has 657 real client testimonials with an Excellent 4.7-star score – 90% of the reviews are Excellent (5-star), 7% Great (4-star)

Karl H. – Jan 18, 2016 (5-stars)

Terienne D. – Oct 29, 2015 (5-stars)

William N. – Oct 17, 2015 (5-stars)

Samuel P. – Oct 15, 2015 (4-stars)

Steven – Sep 28, 2015 (4-stars)

Judy G.- Sep 27, 2015 (4-stars)

Let us give you a healthy mix of some of the more recent reviews here as well:

Bill B. – May 27, 2021 (5-star)

Jeffrey S. – May 7, 2021 (5-star)

Joey D. – May 7, 2021 (5-star)

Ben R. – May 6, 2021 (5-star)

Richard W. – May 5, 2021 (4-star)

Thomas L. – March 5, 2018 (3-star)

There are two more similar 3-star ratings similar as above.

Goldco Direct Review

There’s also an older profile under the name ‘Goldco Direct’ due to the fact they were rebranded to just ‘Goldco’. Here’s what we found:

The “old” Goldco Direct profile from 2015 has 25 reviews total:
– 88% Excellent (5-star)
– 12% Great (4-star)
– Giving them a total TrustScore of 4.6 stars.

I guess you could say that even back then Goldco customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Trustpilot Review Summary

Another important thing to consider is if the company is responding to negative comments and reviews it shows they care about their clients and value their reputation while priding themselves on standing behind their promises. Goldco has done just that.

They have responded quickly and successfully. They are apologetic while resolving all complaints and have done so in an expeditious manner. Some were dealt with the same day, others the next day, but it never took more than a week to hear back from a representative.

Extremely positive reviews are expressing how extremely helpful and pleasant their representatives are. Others refer to how they spend all the time needed to help them plan and conduct a smooth, easy transaction. 99% of everyone is satisfied with their communication in regards to addressing concerns, and professionalism.


Keep in mind that not everyone goes out of their way to leave positive reviews. And there are a lot of positive reviews, which says a lot. It speaks volumes. However, most people who feel they’ve been wronged will most definitely go out of their way to leave negative ones.

That being the case, that means only 5 people had issues with Goldco’s services out of thousands. And if you come across companies with absolutely no negative reviews be weary as those are most likely not authentic or incentivized reviews.

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Goldco Business Consumer Alliance Rating & Reviews

business consumer alliance logo
  • Goldco maintains a AAA rating (the best) at the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)
  • They’ve only received 1 complaint in the last 3 years
  • Goldco has responded and resolved the complaint by making a partial refund.
  • They currently have 5 stars based on 1 positive review (below)

Wayne H. – Feb. 14, 2020 (5-star): Professional and Personal. I did business with Reginald Johnson and found him to be a very professional representative for Goldco. I had many questions as a new customer and he was able to answer all my queries. Having a friendly, personal relationship with staff in a company goes a long way toward a positive experience.

BCA Website

BCA Summary

It’s evident they take client satisfaction very seriously by responding quickly to resolve any issues. It is slightly odd to see so little data with the BCA for a company that’s been in business for over a decade. We think this has to do with the BCA not being used as much as the newer sites. Even though there are not many positive reviews, practically having no complaints for three years is excellent.

Goldco Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating & Reviews

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Goldco has 76 employees was incorporated in Deleware. Ms. Brenda Whitman is listed as CEO. Their business’ main focus consists of dealing in gold and silver, along with retirement planning. The company can assist in purchasing precious metals for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) or cash purchases for home storage.

  • A+ rating and has been accredited since 2011
  • 4.87 stars out of 5 based on 220 customer reviews
  • Almost all 5-star ratings
  • Only one 1-star rating and one 2-star rating
  • There have been only 15 customer complaints in the last 3 years

Goldco Trustlink Rating & Reviews

  • TrustLink has 253 satisfied customer reviews
  • No negative reviews were left whatsoever, “zero”
  • Rated 4.8 stars out of 5. The vast majority are 5-star reviews
  • Shows a good amount of customers are vouching for this company.
  • There are a handful of 3 and 4-star reviews peppered in there but the vast majority are 5 stars.
  • None of the reviews that were left is 1 or 2-star.
  • The last 10 reviews left are recent (2020-2021) and are all positive.

Goldco Consumer Affairs Rating & Reviews

  • Goldco Precious Metals is an accredited brand and authorized partner of Consumer Affairs, which is an endorsement in itself.
  • Received an overall positive rating at nearly 5-stars, 4.8
  • Out of 440 reviews currently, there are over 400 5-star, twenty-eight 4-star
Goldco reviews Consumer Affairs rating
  • This goes to show that Goldco Direct is giving the vast majority of people what they promise and is a reliable company, which is why they’ve been in business for so long.

Because it is not possible to satisfy all people, all the time – some negative outliers are to be expected. The important thing to keep in mind when considering this company is that they are actively addressing all Goldco complaints.

Other Gold IRA Company Ratings & Reviews

  • Google Reviews Goldco has a ranking of 4.8 stars out of 5 from 312 reviews
  • Their Facebook page has 11,645 likes and 12,114 followers
  • 513 followers on LinkedIn
  • 5-star rating on ScamReport based on 43 reviews
  • only 3 complaints on Ripoff Report
  • Yelp has a 4-star rating out of 5 from only 4 reviews

They should have a 5-star rating, as 2 of the reviews are 5 stars and 1 is from a complaint that was left on Trustpilot as well and has been resolved, yet the 1-star rating remains. Yelp is now mostly used for reviewing dining and retail establishments.

Goldco Complaints & Negative Reviews

More good news here. There really aren’t many Goldco complaints to speak of at all when looking to all the main rating sites (see below). As you will see, Goldco is a phenomenal company, where the only complaints (few and far between) are mostly stemming from what we call growing pains in the industry. As the company has expanded and grown its customer base, mild side effects are to be expected; such as minor miscommunication, pricing issues, and buyback delays.

  • Trustpilot has less than a 1% average rating that is either in the ‘poor’ or ‘bad’ category.

On the positive side, there are only four 2-star reviews. One is explaining how the customer wasn’t able to get a hold of their account manager, later finding out she was no longer with the company. The other is too long to post here and is regarding Goldco charging a premium and felt the company was trying to sell him on buying some silver.

  • Six 1-star reviews. The latest one is from Dec. 3, 2020 regarding confusion on the actual custodian statement the shows the spot price of the precious metals and does not reflect the true account value. This issue seems to have been resolved. Another 1-star review is from Sept. 11, 2020 and claims that their premium collector coins are way overpriced.

Goldco has responded thoroughly giving a satisfactory explanation of the difference between spot value and melt value. In an additional 1-star review, from June 26, 2018, the client has written that his portfolio dropped in value after switching from stock to precious metals.

Here is the official update to this client’s former 1-star review showing that he is accepting of Goldco’s resolution:

Update to negative Goldco review

Over the Better Business Bureau (BBB) 12 complaints have been resolved and closed out within the last 12 months. Complaints range from issues related to advertising/sales calls being too frequent and problems with the product or services. (see below). There are only three 1-star ratings and one 2-star rating

From Consumer Affairs we can see that there are nine 3-star, one 2-star, and six 1-star ratings. The 1-star ratings range from being overcharged, not receiving metals on time, to being contacted too often. All have been responded to by the company addressing all concerns

Example Goldco Complaints

Some example complaints regarding Goldco are that one wanted a refund due to a discrepancy between a locked-in price. The company responded positively with a refund and closed the dispute satisfactorily according to customer’s statement.

  • Another did not want to receive communications yet claims they were being sent text messages without their permission. The company responded that they do not have the capability to send messages and that the person’s phone number was not in their system.
  • A client feels they have been misled and overcharged. The company responds that it is the client’s choice of which metals to purchase and that they do not offer a guaranteed buyback program, which the client agreed to both verbally and written.

Although there a minor compaliants, Goldco remains our current top recommended company, by setting up a gold IRA with them you’ll be getting the lowest fees with their guaranteed buyback program.

  • One inexperienced former client which asked for a refund felt that they were persuaded to purchase a coin that they did not want because they did not know better. The company apologized and refunded their money.
  • Another customer feels they were not given the current fair market value price when making the purchase and has asked for an adjustment to be made. The company responded positively and the customer is satisfied with the result.
  • One more feels they may have been overcharged and misled. The company responded with an apology and a 100% refund, along with a generous extra free 1/10th ounce gold coin.

BBB Complaints Summary

It is apparent that Goldco cares about its customers and takes complaints very seriously. The complaints on record actually showcase the company in a good light because they resolved each matter with the client. They have made a concerted effort to reach out and make the client happy, which ultimately has resulted in many satisfied customers.

Goldco Pros & Cons


  • Great customer service.
  • Highly qualified advisors.
  • Ranked among the top 3 precious metals brokers by multiple top rating sites.
  • Customer service reps are courteous and responsive.
  • Expert reps pride themselves on never pressure selling potential clients.
  • Website is very educational and easy to navigate.
  • Integrated real customer reviews and testimonials into their website nicely.
  • Their purchase process is streamlined, quick, and easy!
  • All the necessary paperwork/communicaiton provided for efficient set-up.
  • Answers to all beginners questions, avg. 1 -hour long phone consults (free).
  • Near five-star reviews on all major rating sites.
  • Secure, insured bullion storage and vaulting.
  • Real portfolio professional advisory help for asset diversification.


  • Few customer complaints state that they were not satisfied with product or service. 
  • Price markup on certain coins (mainly silver proof coins).


Their profile is active and there are roughly a thousand positive reviews combined, all have been left fairly recently. It also helps to see complaints being dealt with online for all to see. This helps in forming a real assessment of a company’s dealings and how much they care about pleasing their clientele.

Most times with companies, a consumer claims that they were taken advantage of by being recommended certain high-priced coins, only to find out later that the coins were worth much less. This type of price mismatching complaint is seen all too much with other sub-par businesses that feel the need to resort to these tactics to make a profit. You will not find this at Goldco. Just something to think about when selecting a company.

We hope you now feel there’s enough “real” feedback about this company in order to decide to move forward. There are also many satisfied customers discussing their views on forums and on social media platforms such as Facebook.

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