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Fidelity Investments Reviews

For a company that has been around since the 70’s, a Fidelity IRA rollover is nothing new and they’ve certainly been managing 401k, Roth, gold fund type investment options of all kinds.


As old and as large as Fidelity is, they’re bound to get mixed reviews. Well let’s take a look at a more recent snap shot within the past three years or so and see what people are saying.


Fidelity Gold IRA Rollover Reviews

Although the Better Business Bureau is a good source for checking whether a company or organization is trustworthy, sometimes its ratings can be confusing. For example it has given Fidelity Investments an A+ rating, yet the company has not been accredited by the BBB. Their review is could be viewed as conflicting because at the same time Fidelity has closed 63 complaints within the last 12 months of writing this. Now the reason this might be interpreted on the good side is that the complaints largely have been resolved with the BBB’s assistance.


This shows that at least Fidelity is putting forth the effort to respond and make it right with the client. For the volume of customers they handle day in and day out this is an important positive attribute. Within the investment community it is known that Fidelity is well versed in guiding investors around the world, giving sought after recommendations and overall they can be trusted to do the right thing with your savings. It does have a good reputation among many current and past customers which is evident with millions of dollars invested in their funds daily.


Fidelity IRA Rollover Complaints

Now if we go back to total the complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site within the past three years, we can see there’s are 176 closed complaints as of writing this. Most of which are problems with the products, service, billing, delivery; then there’s the advertising and sales issues as well. Customers have left reviews 7 of which are negative, 1 neutral and 0 positive. You can read people’s experiences directly at the BBB site if you wish, I won’t get into any more details here.


You could have a look at other consumer advocacy group sites that are sometimes used to research a company’s reliability, which include the Business Consumer Agency (BCA), ScamBook, and Complaints Board to name a few.



While researching further if you stumble upon complaints make sure they are coming from real customers. The more detailed the better. Loyal customers will leave positive reviews as well, so look out for those to get a fair view.


Some general complaints people have with precious metals dealers are that the client will stop receiving their statements. When you decide and are with a precious metals company and have rolled over into an IRA make sure to monitor your statements monthly.


Customers generally complain about companies charging hefty fees. This is something you can avoid upfront by having an idea what the precious metals current spot prices are and by asking for a full list of fees in writing before sending your money.


Our Current Top Recommended Gold IRA Company

Especially since precious metals IRAs are a more recent and delicate matter you may prefer to take your business to a company who can dedicate their full attention to your needs. Perhaps one that focuses just on precious metals IRAs.

To get a better idea what fees are normal for a company to be charging here is a good example.

Also, have a look at here: Regal Assets company review


Sharing your comments regarding Fidelity Investments below, negative or positive, is appreciated. Thank you for helping others.

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