Best Gold Affiliate Program + High-Ticket & Highest Commissions

The absolute highest paying affiliate program also happens to be the best gold affiliate program in the personal financial services industry, more specifically precious metals investing for retirement. A typical average sale for a gold or silver account is in the range of $50,000 – $100,000 and typically pays out 1-3% commissions.

This could quite easily be the highest commission affiliate program in the entire industry with one company offering the largest commission payout, a whopping 8% of every sale. Plus an additional $165 for every qualified lead. You must have prior experience as an affiliate and it is a bonus if you have a relevant website that you can adapt to promote the personal finance niche.

Join the #1 Premiere Goldco Affiliate Program and LOCK-IN your 8% commission on all sales.

Goldco Invite-Only Affiliate Program

You Must Use Below Link * AND * You Must ALSO Email Us!

Click sign-up link below:

Goldco Affiliate Program Sign-Up (special invite link)

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Best Gold Affiliate Program

* We will make the introduction with the affiliate manager. Otherwise you will not get accepted. They are very strict. Approvals are not guaranteed, however signing-up with our invite link will increases your chances of approval.

We are proud to have been granted permission by partnering with Goldco to refer affiliates with our own private invite link. This is an exclusive program and you have a better chance of getting approved if you sign-up through a referral link of an already successful affiliate, rather than with the company directly.

Luckily there are no sales quotas or tiers you need to reach before making 8% either. Put simply, there’s no catch. Your starting commission is 8% right off the bat and is fixed no matter how much you sell or don’t sell. Monthly sales can reach upwards of $1,000,000.00!

We have analyzed over 40+ precious metals companies and bullion dealers, focusing solely on buy gold/silver affiliate programs. Trust us when we say we have narrowed it down to one company – the ONLY ONE that deserves your time and energy.

Best High-Ticket Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to join the best high-ticket affiliate program there is right now, it can be found within the finance, investment, and financial sector. Apply to be one of the top-earning affiliates for the highest paying precious metals and gold IRA companies.

There is no limit to what you can earn with this high-end, big-ticket affiliate program, as some affiliates are raking in over $50,000 per month. Here is a typical month showing the top 10 affiliate’s earnings from sales commissions and total revenues produced:

High ticket affiliate program sales
Goldco Top Affiliate Earners – Payouts for June 2021.

The ‘Qualified’ column is the money you earn, $100 for every lead even if they don’t end up buying metals.

So, here’s How You Sign-up…

Best Gold Affiliate Program – Sign-Up Process

After clicking the link above, you will be taken to their self-managed affiliate application page (Traffic & Offers).

Go ahead and fill out your basic info, create a password and click ‘Submit Application’.

You’ll then get instant access to the platform backend once completed. Within 24-48 hours you should receive an acceptance email notifying you that you’ve been granted access to all the offers and to get your affiliate links.


1. Sign up using this invite link (or link above)

  • Fill out the short form, click ‘Submit Application’
  • Receive a confirmation email to verify your email address

2. Email us here:

  • Email us with your First and Last Name after you have submitted your application.
  • We will then contact the affiliate manager to prioritize and expedite your application. 
  • At the same time, this will also increase your chances of being accepted.
  • Being referred by another affiliate (ie. this website) increases your chances of getting in.
  • We will contact you further to provide personal coaching.

* Acceptance is not guaranteed.

Highest paying affiliate program commission

Additional Benefits of Signing-Up Through Us

Why you should join our team:

  • We will help guide you and answer all of your questions via chat, Skype, and email
  • Teach you the best ways to make money by promoting precious metals offers
  • Show you insider tactics and tips to get more leads
  • Give guidance on compliance to make sure you are not breaking the rules
  • We have a vested interest in seeing you succeed
  • Video training and free one-on-one mentoring
  • Entrance into the official private affiliate Facebook group
  • Give you exact keywords, successful campaign examples for PPC and Facebook ads
  • You’ll always have an experienced gold affiliate in your corner helping you along the way

Goldco is inundated with hundreds of daily applications and prefers referrals that come from established affiliates like us, and this will translate into getting you preferential treatment in the future whenever any issues arise. Your success is our success.

In the name of transparency we do receive compensation from Goldco to help get you started and on your way to becoming a top earner.

Extra Tips for Getting Accepted

To increase your chances of getting accepted into the program, you might want to have a financial or political-related website/blog. Most affiliates have a precious metals review site, but this is getting saturated and they are looking for affiliates that are more creative in acquiring leads.

If you are an affiliate that has an advertising budget and prefers to promote offers using paid ads, then that is a major plus. You can refer potential clients through organic search traffic using a website or blog as well as PPC, Facebook ads, native ads, etc.

If you do not want to create an entire website you have the ability to use landing pages linked to your ads.

Within the application process just explain what you plan on doing and chances are very good that you will be accepted.

The Top, Highest Paying Affiliate Program for 2023!

The top highest paying commission for a precious metals affiliate program ever is 8%. It is totally unheard of in the industry and is also not a “come-on” offer or “for a limited time only”. No matter how small or large your sales are, you will be paid 8% of the entire sale, no questions asked.

The highest commission payout in the entire gold/silver industry for affiliate programs – by leaps and bounds – is 8%.

The only company that offers this is the Goldco affiliate program. (This is also an active invite link that you can use to sign up through).

Let’s face it, you want to make money and as much of it as possible, as fast as possible. Well, you can stop searching now, you have found it!

Highest Recurring Fees Affiliate Program

8% of the total sale (+ lifetime of the customer)?. 

For example, if a customer transfers $100,000 to purchase metals you will receive the full $8,000 without any fees taken out. Then let’s say next year they purchase more metal; you will get paid the same 8% commission all over again.

Those are some absolutely insane gains. Similar programs don’t even come close. There are a few that give 3%, but most are much less, which we’ll go over below…

No Need to Join Any Other Affiliate Programs

You will need to focus your energy, both money and time-wise and if you have to spend that same amount of effort why not get the highest payout possible whenever one of your leads actually converts into a sale.

I’m not going to list out all the other precious metals companies offering affiliate programs here because they are just not worth it to join. Just know that the majority of them have a very poor payout structure. 

To put into perspective how big of a deal it is to receive 6% let me give you an example of how much commission you would get if you joined any other company.

What you can expect to earn with other gold affiliate programs?:

  • 2% – 5% of sale (the higher the sale, the lower the commission)
  • 20-25% of only the brokerage commissions/fees
  • .3% – 1.7% of sale (depends on amount purchased)
  • $1,400 fixed fee per sale

And anywhere between only $5-$30 per qualified lead.

So now you can see how nice a straight-up 8% commission on sales is. Plus $165 per qualified lead.

So even if your referral doesn’t buy anything, you will still get one hundred bucks if they were able to contact and qualify the lead.

The Best Gold IRA Affiliate Program

To be considered the best, the program should have the best converting precious metals offers, best affiliate managers, pay on time every time while having the highest commission in the industry. Here are just some of the reasons why Goldco is the best gold affiliate program to join: 

  • No membership fees or mandatory courses in order to join the affiliate 
  • The Goldco Affiliate program pays out over $200,000 to its partners every month!
  • There are literally no limits set to the amount of money you can earn with this program
  • The company currently has major expansion plans to increase sales by 3x
  • The ability to create your own creatives (it is encouraged, all you have to do is get approval)
  • Loads of creative assets to choose from, all have been tested and are high converting
  • Payouts are paid out every month on the 15th, by either PayPal or wire transfer
  • They place a 30-day cookie which means any lead that you send is yours for 30 days, even if they leave the site and come back weeks later.
  • They will not kick you out if you can’t get a lead.

The product you are promoting must also be sold at the best prices with the lowest fees, have the fastest shipping times, and account setup processes. Extremely low customer complaints are also a must. 

With this program, in essence, you are trying to promote precious metals, specifically gold and silver (palladium and platinum are also options). However, the way you’ll be earning the big commissions is by having people with a retirement account rollover all or a portion of their 401(k) or other retirement accounts into a precious metals IRA.

If you would like to see why Goldco is the best choice as far as a company to align with, please read the company review here.

Created by an Affiliate Marketer for Affiliate Marketers

The director that heads up the Marketing department at Goldco is Kelly Felix, also a prolific affiliate marketer that has been in the precious metals business since as far back as 2013. He knows exactly what demographic to target and the customer profile. 

All the offers, landing pages, and wording are all designed and tested to be high converting. They have streamlined everything to make it as easy as possible for you to capture more leads.

We will teach you all the specifics and how to attract targeted traffic to maintain a high click-through rate along with conversions.

With the help of ‘tried and true’ tested offers with great converting designs and email campaigns, the top keywords to go after are revealed whether it be for organic search (SEO), social media, or paid search (PPC) advertising; you’ll be closing deals in no time.

Recommended Affiliate Training

It is not required, but we recommend you get some quality independent training from one of the top affiliates in the gold space. Even though there will be some training provided by Goldco, and by us, it cannot hurt to get highly relevant training tailor made especially for the precious metals industry.

Reminder: You can always bookmark this page and come back later. If after getting accepted and having gone through the available training, you’re still in need of further guidance; when you are ready to get into more advanced training click below.

best gold affiliate training

You may have heard of John Crestani, affiliate marketing extraordinaire. He is a recommended trainer and is one of the highest-earning gold affiliates to date. You may want to purchase his training to see his methods. This is by no means mandatory, BUT DO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FREE WEBINAR (ABOVE)!

It just makes sense to align yourself with the best in the business and learn from the most successful gold affiliate marketers in the game.

** IMPORTANT: Remember to email us for further guidance and mentoring. Do not hesitate to take us up on our offer of expediting your application and show us that you are serious about making this work; no matter what.

We’re here to help…after all we’re on the same team. Together it’s time to earn the highest commissions from the highest paying affiliate program ever introduced. Cheers to a fruitful future with lots of sales! We look forward to hearing from you and having you join the group. Good luck!