When is it a Good Time to Buy Gold? Is Right Now in 2015 Best for Bullion Coins?

As the exceptional demand continues in 2015, when more and more people are agreeing that it is a good time to buy gold (bullion coins), even the wealthiest investors are continuing to invest in gold now more than ever before.

Primarily because gold prices have now reached opportune buying levels (lowest since mid 2010), after a recent slide in 2013. Another major reason for this buying bonanza, besides being the precious commodity that it is, gold is universally accepted and is a true rarity the world over.

The Real Value Proposition

It not only serves as a real “value holding” hedge to smooth out any losses when stock markets fall sharply, but also against currency wars or a possible dollar devaluation. The jury is still out on using gold as a vehicle to combat inflation but, yes that is also a historical factor to consider as well.


Gold’s allure has endured the test of time and its value has kept in line with the stock markets for the most part, as far as correlations, consistently rising in unison until late 2012. (see chart below, dating back from 2002 to today) It seems now as gold begins to make a rebound to test its previous highs, at the same time the stock market is showing signs of reaching a top and could be reversing, furthering this negative correlation that could indeed continue for years to come. Yet another reason to hold some gold in your portfolio…

gold dow correlation 2014
A monthly chart of the Dow Jones Composite vs. Gold Spot prices showing their recent inverse correlation. Courtesy of: goldirainvestingreview.com

Have a look at this recent article from Bloomberg written on Jan. 25, 2014:

Gold Mint Runs Overtime in Race to Meet World Coin Demand

Precious metals in general are now in great demand due to its limited supply and bargain price. This extensive buyer demand has helped physical bullion and coin prices rally for five straight weeks and this is seen to be the beginning, expected to continue into 2014 and beyond. The reason for this is the longer-term physical gold purchasers see the recent price drop in 2013 an opportunity to accumulate even more of these gold assets.


What are you waiting for?

Timing is perfect, so if you are interested in buying physical gold bullion or rolling over some funds into a gold IRA then please take a look at the review I did of my top recommended gold company here. Even the central banks of China, India, and the Middle East, along with many other countries, are currently buying up gold for their reserves like there is no tomorrow.


Gold is used in many different ways too, not just for retirement or investment purposes. Just to name one example, other industries use the incorruptible metal because it’s a good electricity conductor, thus making it one of the few available materials to meet today’s technology requirements.


Aside from its industrial uses, gold can also be very convenient because it is portable in the form of coins and jewelry. This is one of the many reasons that investors buy gold bullion and investment grade coins, because it is easy to carry and store,  yet more affordable than buying heavy gold bars.


Differences When Investing in Gold

I’m not talking about investing in a gold fund or gold ETF’s which are tied to the stock market and are in paper or digital form. What I suggest is investing in physical gold bullion that you can actually hold in your hands. This can come in many forms: strands, ingot, nuggets and coins but the latter is the most common one.


gold canadian maple leaf
The Royal Canadian mint has the distinction of being the first country in the world to commercially produce 99.99% pure gold in the form of bullion coins.


In order to invest in the right gold coins, only buy coins from a reputable dealer and make sure your gold is created by accredited manufacturers. I do not recommend buying collectible gold coins for investment purposes. Because when selling in a crises situation, the price will be reliant upon market forces not intrinsic values.



This highly sought after coin above is investment grade and is the type of quality coin that is a popular recommendation among serious gold buyers. Click the coin image to view the most recognized investment grade bullion coins in the world.


Sooner is Better Than Later

You can save yourself time when investing in gold bullion by contacting a reputable precious metals dealer that will walk you through the whole process. If you plan to directly buy bullion, the right dealer should coach you on the best types of gold to buy.


Also, if you don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around but you have a retirement plan, you can rollover your 401k (fully or partially) into a gold IRA or transfer funds from your existing IRA into gold to offset any risks associated with owning stocks or mutual funds. Doing this is just like upgrading your retirement plan into a more secure standing and having added insurance.


In Summary

So, chances are your current retirement fund is probably still in monetary (paper or digital) form, meaning it is directly tied to any negative fluctuations of the stock market. This is very risky business, especially if the market falls just when you reach retirement age. To secure your funds from being affected by inflation and these other factors, backing it up with physical gold will protect its value which has steadily increased over time throughout the centuries.

As the years go by, the value of gold is ever increasing while the purchasing power of the dollar is decreasing making it a good idea to invest in gold as soon as you can. The best way of securing and safeguarding your financial future and retirement savings is through a Gold IRA or by purchasing physical gold bullion/coins.

Which Company Are We Recommending?

We’ve done all the research and this is the most reputable, our #1 recommended Gold IRA Company, Regal Assets.

regal assets ratings logo

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They put you first and they understand that it is a big decision. Which is why, you’ll be assigned one representative who will be your point of contact for all inquiries going forward. So take all the time you need…but head over to their site and get the free gold kit to start learning more.

If you have any questions at all, let Regal Assets give you detailed explanations and earn your trust.

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Feel free to comment and add your predictions for the year ahead. It should be interesting…


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