The Best Gold IRA Rollover Company 2020

Currently nearing the end of 2020, out of over 20 precious metals IRA custodians we’ve researched, Regal Assets is the best when it comes to overall client satisfaction and their fees are still the lowest, most competitive in the industry. All setup and administration fees are waived for an entire year. (An industry first). You will only pay a $125/yearly segregated storage fee with Brinks vaults (lowest price of all IRAs) if you are not going with self-storage.

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Regal Assets gold IRA storage fees are FIXED at $125 per year and are NOT tiered or scaled. It is very important to note that no matter how much precious metal you store or continue to purchase, your fees do not increase relative to weight or an increase in their value. This is perhaps the biggest advantage and is unprecedented in this business. Also, you are paying for segregated storage only, NOT comingled, this is usually much more costly.


Top 15 Reason Why Regal Assets is the Best Gold IRA Rollover Company:

1.   No setup or administration cost for the 1st year.
2.   Industry lowest overall storage fee of $125 per year (Brinks vaults).
3.   Segregated storage, NOT comingled.
4.   Fixed fee storage, NOT scaled.
5.   Industry lowest admin fee of only $90 per year after 1st year.
6.   Personal designated expert representative (one-point of contact).
7.   5-star rating based on 57 positive reviews and 0 complaints in 3 years at BCA.
8.   Preferred membership status and AAA rating with the BCA.
9.   2018-2020 Official Member of Forbes Finance Council.
10. 1,450+ positive reviews and a 5-star rating on BirdEye.
11. Official Member of Inc. 500 since 2013.
12. Hundreds of millions of dollars under management.
13. Precious metals delivered to account within 7 business days of funding.
14. Featured on: Bloomberg, Forbes, Reuters, Smart Money, MarketWatch, Inc. Magazine, etc.
15. They’ve been in business since 2003, maintained impeccable ratings and positive reviews.


** Need we say more? How about their “no-pressure policy”. The majority of other companies will try to aggressively push you into certain products because they can earn more in fees/commission. They don’t implement pushy sales tactics. That is what we liked most.


They take their time with you, making sure you understand every aspect of your investment strategy. It is not uncommon for them to spend an hour or more on their free consultation calls, explaining your options. You’re never obligated and they are fully transparent with you.

Regal Assets Gold IRA Fees

time to save money

1st Year

  • $0. No setup or administrative fees.
  • $125/year segregated storage fee w/ Brinks.
  • $0 delivery fees.

Subsequent Years

  • $90 per year administrative fee only.
  • $125/year segregated storage fee w/ Brinks.
  • $0 delivery fees.


Which Gold IRA has the Lowest Cost?

There is absolutely no setup fee AND no administration fee for your first year! For the following reasons, Regal Assets gold IRA is by far the cheapest and is the clear choice when looking for the lowest-cost precious metals rollover. They pride themselves on knowing they have the best prices out of all the precious metals dealers/custodians. And it’s been like this for years; no company even comes close.


Since you won’t be paying a dime to get your gold IRA set up and you won’t be paying higher fees as your account balance increases, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing you got the best deal around when it comes to your precious metal IRAs.

The Only No Fee Gold IRA

Regal Assets will pay your first year of fees in full. You pay no gold IRA fee for admin or setup. Again, this is unheard of in this industry and in our opinion makes them one of the best, most customer-focused dealers and custodians anywhere. You will not start being billed until the second year! This includes all setup fees, admin fees, and delivery fees.

That’s a huge savings of over $700 just on setup alone…
which most competing firms make you pay upfront.

Regal assets fees low cost


For retirement accounts, Regal Assets used to charge an annual standard fee of $250.00. With another industry first, they’ve implemented (what separates them from the rest) the policy that no matter what the value of your account is, this amount you pay in fees does not change.


For example, if your investment increases in value substantially or you continually buy more metals add to your account, you will still only pay the flat fee of $125.00, not a percentage, not a higher amount based on some threshold being met.


To Sum-up Your Savings

$0 for your first year. $90 is for account administration in your second year and beyond. And $125.00 for the segregated storage of your precious metals.


To give you an idea of the savings here, most all other gold dealers have just their initial yearly storage fee above $225.00 a year at a minimum; then apply a scaled fee structure based on the amount of holdings. Some don’t even offer segregated storage. And then on top of that, most in the industry add their scaling administration fee schedule that increases as their client’s account size increases.


Almost all other companies have some sort of scaling fee for storage as well, which ends up costing you even more (thousands upon thousands of dollars) over the years as your account grows. So beware of this! It could literally mean saving tens of thousands of dollars per year if you go with Regal Assets fixed-fee storage.


At Regal Assets, your metals are always safe in segregated storage with Brinks and they are all fully insured.


We checked the majority of well-known precious metals dealers/custodians and almost all are offering only comingled storage for individual retirement accounts and always cost more than the segregated storage offered at Regal Assets.


To set-up a precious metals IRA with them; their current minimum investment amount is set at $10,000.00 For direct cash purchases, the minimum investment amount is $5,000.

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Their process is simple, just fill out the IRA account setup form to get started. They’ll even send you a hard copy Precious Metals IRA kit, books, DVD’s and when you’re ready you can call and they’ll walk you through it all free of charge. No pushy sales tactics. No pressure to buy, they educate you on all the different metals, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

Request Gold IRA Kit

Your IRA account can be set up with them within 24 business hours of them receiving your signed application form. And precious metals are physically delivered within 7 business days (fastest in the industry). The second-fastest delivery time we saw with another custodian was 15 days. So yes, 7 days is the fastest delivery in the industry, another best!


They definitely have the quickest shipping and processing times in the business. They typically get their client’s precious metals to them within 7 business days of funding their account. Most of their competitors easily take well over 30 and sometimes as long as 90 days to ship out.


We have also done a separate company review of Regal Assets. Click to see all of the other reasons why we continue to recommend them year after year.