What is the Best Gold IRA – No Fees + Fully Insured

Gold IRA costs vary, but this remarkable deal represents good value for your money. We were hard pressed to find anything else out there like it. Simply put, no company could match it as of yet. So…

What is the Best Gold IRA? 

what is the best gold iraFor those looking for a low cost precious metals (gold) independent retirement account will pay nothing for the first twelve months with Regal Assets.


Their Gold IRA costs are the cheapest around due to the fact that investors will not receive a bill for a whole year. The fees include setup and admin charges, delivery costs and storage fees. This represents a massive saving.


In fact, we did the calculation and it’s a savings in excess of $700. Another thing we found is that many of the other firms will ask you to pay these fees upfront.

Bottom Line: No fees for the entire 1st Year & Shipped Fully Insured

Setup a retirement account with Regal Assets and the annual standard fee will be just $250 TOTAL. The standard fee is the same for all account holders, irrespective of their account balance. This very important to watch out for.


For instance, clients who invest wisely and make substantial profit will still pay only a standard charge of just two hundred and fifty dollars. But with most other dealers you would have a scaled fee system where, as the account grows so do the fees. Not at Regal Assets though. It is fixed.


And on top of that, the majority of gold dealers charge in excess of $225 per annum just to store the precious metals. Not counting administrative costs, insurance, delivery, etc.


Here is a Breakdown of Regal Assets Gold IRA Costs:

– They will pay all of your annual fees in full for the first year. 

– Then after 1 year, $100 for account administration (standard)

– Segregated storage for precious metals, $150

And that’s it!

Regal assets fees low cost


The majority of gold dealers charge in excess of $225 per annum to store precious metal. And a large percentage of gold dealers don’t offer segregated storage facilities.


And remember in addition to this, many precious metals IRA companies add an incremental administration charge; hence the fee increases in line with the amount of money saved. Many IRA firms implement the same system for storage charges too, so you could end up paying more if your savings grow and/or you purchase more metals.


Fully Insured + Segregated Storage

Regal Assets bullion are fully insured. The precious metals are stored in segregated storage with Brinks. You always want to go with segregated storage and be careful because very few companies offer this at all.


We have looked at the fees charged by other precious metal custodians/gold dealers and a number offer commingled storage for IRA accounts which can be risky. The sum charged by their competitors tends to be way above Regal Assets segregated storage charge. No commingled funds. 


Minimum Investment

Regal Assets current minimum investment stands at $10,000.00 for IRA accounts.

A $5,000.00 minimum investment applies to direct cash purchases.

For more information visit:

Official Website: https://www.regalassets.com/gold-ira


Regal Assets makes the process easy to understand. Click the image below and fill in the form to get started.  They will send you a hard copies of the Precious Metal Investors Kit and other materials for free. The kit includes DVDs and books. Read the book, watch the DVD and to learn more about Regal Assets Gold IRA costs.

precious metals investing materials

Give their helpful experts a call and ask them all of your questions, no obligation. They will not pressure sell you. They pride themselves on educating you on the process.

Regal Assets phone number

An independent retirement account can be up and running in twenty-four hours. The 24 hours starts as soon as they receive your application form.


Regal Assets appear to have the fastest processing and shipping times as well. In general, clients receive their precious metals within seven days. Naturally, this means seven working days on receipt of payment. Many gold investment firms take thirty days to ship the precious metal, in fact, some take much longer. Make sure that any dealer that you decide to go with has the following accreditations, as Regal does.

precious metals accreditations
Make sure the precious metals company you end up choosing has these accreditations.

We have written an in-depth company review for Regal Assets. Click here to read our review. You will find many reasons why we recommend the company year in, year out.