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To transfer your 401(k) into a Gold IRA (also known as Rollover) is not a new concept, in fact it’s been around since 2001. There a quite a few precious metals IRA companies out there, but we’ve reviewed them all here and have included our top choice at the end of this article.

It’s quite alright if you aren’t familiar with the details of a ‘Gold IRA Rollover’ because you will be in the next few minutes. But first, since not too many people fully comprehend the importance gold has played throughout history and still continues to, today even more so than ever, please take a moment to relax and watch this informative video below.

Why GOLD?                      *Must Watch Video Of 2014*

We hope the message in this video has hit home and will be impactful enough for you to make some meaningful decisions today. Yes, the world we now live in causes great anxiety for many. However, it doesn’t have to be this way for you anymore. By taking a couple simple steps now you can protect yourself from the upcoming devastating effects of inflation and economic upheaval that’s on everyone’s mind.

It doesn’t matter what type of investor you currently are. Owning tangible assets like gold can help maintain long-term profitability and ensure safety of your retirement funds along with providing for that much needed extra income. Precious metals are unique in that they improve investment performance by both increasing returns without increasing risk, yet reducing risk without negatively affecting returns.

gold growth since 2004*Had you purchased $33,000 worth of gold for your IRA back in 2004, you could cash out close to $129,000. That’s over a 300% return! Has your current retirement account performed this well?


The Risks Involved with 401(k) Plans?

The omnipresent financial risks directly impact your 401(k) plan because it is tied to only one or a handful of stocks/funds which you were led to believe were safe.Yet not everyone knows this. It is fast becoming a necessity to diversify out of fully vested 401(k) accounts. Many 401(k) holders also forget to factor in inflation led losses as an expense. It’s more apparent then ever that you must take matters into your own hands, if you haven’t done so already, to have the stable retired life that you envision.

By choosing a self-directed account such as the Gold IRA, you will be better able to preserve your wealth and savings going forward into the unkown. Luckily self-directed IRAs have been around since 1975 allowing people to select certain kinds of metals as assets to hold (pure bullion & coins). So you no longer have to hope and pray that the stock market, or for that matter, the company you work for won’t crash and burn.


Doom and Gloom Coming for Global Financial Markets

So, we all remember the 2008 financial crisis as if it were yesterday, perhaps it’s because the frightening events that took place never really left us. There’s a good chance that panic will be re-lived as history could repeat itself in the very near future. When these disturbing events inevitably happen, it’s imperative that you are prepared this time. It’s not enough to simply rely on Social Security either which might not be around in your time of greatest need. Equally as important, you cannot base your life savings on hoping that the stock market will go back up after another crash, because you may never recover the losses.

gold vs s&p500 chart

Being prepared ahead of time could not only preserve your capital, but actually increase it! It doesn’t have to be with just gold either. A multitude of precious metals are always available to you that will preserve their value, especially in hard economic times. It’s not just about the stock market crashing. The U.S. government has printed ungodly amounts of money in order to bailout itself, financial institutions and even entire cities. So there is another scary dynamic at play that could greatly affect your net worth when you’re ready to retire.

value of dollar decline

The most worrisome and imminent danger talked about by expert analysts the world over is the impending devaluation of the dollar. Due to the surmounting debt and increased printing of money, this is a real possibility. It doesn’t make too much sense to put ones faith in ‘paper’ money with all of the warning signs being given.


Consider This When Deciding On A Quality Precious Metals Company

If you are concerned about the economy overall, to say the least, well then you probably know you are not alone. A sizable portion of the U.S. population is diversifying their retirement accounts into precious metals every day. Even China, India, and other economic powerhouse countries are protecting themselves from financial risk by buying up gold for their reserves at an unprecedented pace, never before seen in history.

china india gold consumption

To hedge against your hard earned dollars losing value or your stock portfolio taking the plunge, there is a solid alternative. IRAs were created for this exact reason and savvy forward thinking individuals that want to have more wealth and security in their retirement years are making the switch.


There are many types of IRA accounts. You may have heard of the Roth IRA, or traditional IRA. There is of course the self-directed IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, and I left one out…the unique self-directed, gold IRA rollover.

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