Should I Buy Gold For My IRA? Physical Gold IRA Rollover in 2015

So if you’re still asking, should I buy gold for my IRA (especially in 2015) then please read on to learn more about the benefits of a physical gold IRA Rollover. 

There’s no doubt that gold, being the valuable precious metal that it is, continues to be one of the worlds’ most sought after commodities and investment choices.

Its increased scarcity is beginning to be more noticeable as central banks began hoarding in recent years due to increased risks of economic turmoil. China, India, and Iran are at the forefront of gold buying and have hinted they are preparing for a dollar devaluation.

Is 2015 the Most Opportune Buying Time?

Even though gold has taken a hit in 2013, it is still up over 220% in the last decade, meaning it has tripled in value. At one point it was up 400%, an original investment would have been worth five times as much. And most likely those same high levels ($1,800/oz.) will be hit again sooner than one might think. Credible sources, in the industry predict prices reaching $9,000/oz. in the “intermediate term”. Right now the price of gold is at an opportune buy level. Please notice on the chart below how price is bouncing up off of a strong support area heading back up.

gold technical chart 2014 predictionBuying low and holding long term is the play here. And financial analysts, fund managers, and billionaire investors are investing in gold now. (see an quick example below) Click here to see who else has invested millions into gold.

This ceaseless demand makes gold values continually increase more so than other precious metals and known commodities. Most central banks of developed and non-developed countries have been increasing their reserves discreetly as an insurance against financial calamities.

The Real Opportunity

Most people are not fully aware that they are able to invest and own actual physical gold in their individual retirement accounts (IRAs). In fact, precious metals IRAs came into being in 2001 when retirement laws were relaxed to allow for other assets such as real estate as well.

100% Tax-Free

It has become popular to rollover funds from a 401(k) into a gold backed IRA because you will not pay any taxes. If you currently have any type of IRA, whether it be a Roth or Traditional, etc. you can purchase physical gold through a transfer.

An Important Reason To Buy Physical Gold

I am not talking about gold funds or gold stocks either, this is real gold that you can hold. The problem with gold funds and the like are that they are in monetary (paper form), so if the stock market were to crash they would also become worthless. Nothing is as good as investing in real gold itself.

Of course if you do not have a retirement account, the easiest and most common form of gold investing is directly purchasing physical bullion or coins.  

gold silver bullionBecause of this opportunity, many investors buy gold to secure their savings and to switch out of riskier stocks that are in their current 401(k)’s.

Using gold to back up retirement funds 

for greater security and financial stability during retirement has become the norm among high net worth individuals. Although investing in gold bullion is still open to market fluctuations, there’s no better, secure way of keeping your funds safe than by backing it up with gold.

There are different gold sizes available for every budget. You can start out small by investing in gold coins and bullion. You must be aware that you should be buying investment grade coins. Some gold, especially certain coins, does not have the same value as the commodity spot price of gold, if is considered a collectible.

The best thing about using your current retirement plan is that you could purchase gold without having to spend extra money out-of-pocket without affecting your budget because IRAs and 401k plans are separate from your monthly paycheck.

Which Company Are We Recommending?

Our #1 rated gold company Regal Assets can point out the different investment grade bullion/coins as well as educate you on the entire rollover process involved with purchasing gold. Don’t worry, they’ll go over every type of coin and every little detail to help get you started.

Whether it be for retirement or just direct purchases, you can partially (or fully) rollover your 401(k) into a gold IRA by contacting them to assist you further. After researching further we found them to be the most reputable and by going with them you’ll save yourself from high-prices, shipping and handling fees, plus they offer segregated storage & security. **They’re offering to waive the set-up and administration fees for the first year, nobody else is doing this. They have an impeccable customer service rating with the top agencies such as the BBB, BCA, and TrustLink.

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