Rollover IRA Into Gold – Rollover 401(k) to Gold IRA

In recent years, there’s been a significant increase of investors who are taking advantage of retirement planning that consists of a rollover IRA into gold, and for good reason.


Year after year, hard working Americans look over their 401(k) investments, looking for better ways to protect and manage retirement savings. For those of you who are considering a rollover 401(k) to gold IRA (in full or partially) this year, then you couldn’t have picked a better time.


In case you decide that rolling over your 401(k) into gold and other precious metals is something you’d be interested in doing and because it’s such an important decision, we wanted to make it easy for you to get expert advice from the best this industry has to offer.



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Gold IRA Investing

rollover 401(k) to gold IRAGold IRAs are identical to conventional IRAs in most respects.  The primary distinction of gold or any other precious metals IRA, is allowable portfolio acquisitions limited to a titular asset category. 


Although disadvantageous at first blush, this feature is quite beneficial, due to unique gold properties that are reducible to “finiteness” and “physicality.”


Unlike stocks and other negotiable paper instruments, gold is irreplaceable, non-duplicable and indestructible.  While gold exists in a fixed aggregate sum at any given time, it does not erode after excavation in any amount.  In fact, over 95% of all gold ever mined since the beginning of time still exists in some form to this day!  No other asset except raw land boasts such longevity.  Likewise, gold investors whose assets have physical substance never lose sleep over splits, mergers, and hostile takeovers that make for many stock market riches to rags stories. 


Neither do gold owners worry about gradual yet steady value decrease due to inflation or depreciation.  A finite supply in high demand by diverse industries dictates a single direction in price:  sporadic but upward mobility. This time-proven fact is true because existing supply naturally decreases with time, while demand keeps rising.


The below graphic shows the demand of central banks across the globe and should serve as a buying signal. Large institutional financial institutions are also following suit.

Should I Buy Gold For My IRA? Physical Gold IRA Rollover


 Why Invest in a Gold IRA Now?

As you may know, an “IRA” is an acronym for “Individual Retirement Account” and denotes a specialized retirement savings fund. As legislated devices, IRAs afford distinctive benefits by enabling tax-deferred growth of tax-deductible contributions. Primary trade-off is heavy penalties for premature or otherwise unauthorized withdrawals.


Since 2013, many prospective gold investors have hesitated adding more gold to their positions, mainly because of unfounded fear that decreased prices in the last year portend future trends.  That reasoning is seriously flawed, however, as long-term investments rarely increase in straight lines or fixed levels.  As for stocks, gold prices might drop substantially for even a prolonged interval but invariably make much higher comebacks.  Indeed, depressed values signify ideal market entry for maximum gain. 


Is Gold Heading Back to Record Highs of $1800/oz.?


A permanent cure for all persistent disbelief is featured in the price trend data below. Although it would seem that gold retraced in 2013 (remember we look to buy low), it is has increased in value by more than 215%+ over the past 10 years. And looking at today’s price, gold has basically tripled in value. In 2011-2012 gold was up a staggering 400%, meaning that an initial investment made about a decade ago would have been worth 5 time more!


From the below chart you will notice that price is testing a resistance level that if broken could take gold all the way back up to $1,800/oz. and most likely beyond those levels. And this is precisely why so many smart investors are loading up before the rocket takes off. Current price sits almost perfectly between its 2009 levels and the highs of 2012.

Gold Technical Chart 12MAY18
Gold Technical Chart MAY 12, 2018

The above numbers reflect (assuming no additional deposits):

Average annual return of 11.27 percent or 3.76 times average U.S. annual inflation rate of 3 percent!

Overall after-inflation gain of $791.00 or 190 percent!


Secure Your Retirement Through Gold IRA Investing

For all the foregoing reasons, now is the perfect time to start safeguarding against future rainy days of Golden Years by getting in on the ground floor of gold prices and rollover IRA into gold as soon as possible.  Best of all, you can get the best of  both worlds of wealth since you are now more aware about how to rollover 401(k) to gold IRA tax-free transfer to far safer financial harbors of continued tax-deferred growth that greatly exceeds inflation. An unbeatable combination and irresistible invitation that none can afford to decline or delay.


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