Regal Assets Complaints Reviews 2020

In this full, comprehensive review of Regal Assets we’ve gone through over 3,000 real customer reviews in order to compile the most pressing issues and highlight both negative and positive aspects of their business. We’ll show you the differences between, and what sets them apart from other precious metals custodians/companies. Our analysis has uncovered the following:

  • Absolutely NO setup or administration costs for the entire 1st year. 
  • Only $90/annually admin fee for subsequent years (industry lowest).
  • Only a handful of negative complaints online.
  • They have an international presence with 4 offices worldwide.
  • Fastest processing and delivery times (within 48 hours).
  • Lowest in the industry FIXED storage fee of $125 per year, NOT scaling.
  • Fastest shipping times in the business (7 days).
  • Segregated storage, NOT comingled.
  • Been in business for over a decade.
  • No pressure selling policy. No pushy sales or aggressive salespeople.
  • Best rating profile and most positive reviews of any precious metals company.


To sum up why we feel you can’t go wrong with Regal Assets is their impeccable reputation, no fees for the 1st year and a FLAT fee thereafter. They have the overall lowest fees (both admin & storage fees) out of any company that we’ve reviewed. Practically no complaints that we could find and representatives are not pushy salespeople. Very important.


** They were willing to answer ALL of our questions and we learned a great deal – our phone conversation lasted over 1-hour and still didn’t feel obligated to go through with the purchase. They just said call back if you have any more questions.

Get the details for each of the above bullet points below. Complaints are at the bottom of this review…


More Reasons Why We Recommend Regal Assets:


Their ratings are off the charts! No other gold IRA company or custodian can compare with the sheer amount of positive reviews received. They’ve maintained the highest rating profile (by far) for over a decade to become the go-to alternative assets firm (precious metals, cryptocurrencies) and highest rated gold ira company in U.S.A. and Canada.

Regal Assets Ratings and Reviews (updated Oct. 20, 2020)

  • Business Consumer Alliance (BCA): 5 Stars out of 5 & AAA Rating
  • BirdEye: 4.9 Stars out of 5 from 1,460+ Reviews (verified)!!
  • Proud Member of the Forbes Finance Council (Invite-only) 
  • TrustLink: 4.5 Star Rating based on 1,080+ positive reviews! 
  • Google Reviews: 5 Stars from 45+ reviews 
  • Inc. Magazine: Inc 500 List #20 – Fastest-Growing Private Company 
  • Featured In: Forbes Magazine Investment Guide, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Reuters, Business Insider, RT, The Huffington Post, Smart Money, Seeking Alpha, Yahoo Finance, Chase, Cointelegraph,,, Coindesk, Finance Magnates, Thrive Global, etc.
regal assets INC 500 + Forbes
* Click to see Regal Assets Notable Press.
  • First-ever crypto-commodity license through the government division of DMCC 
  • Awarded the International Bullion Dealer of the Year!

(This is our most prestigious award and represents the pinnacle of excellence and credibility.)


*You can see why we’ve chosen them as “The Best Gold IRA Rollover Company” here:
Top 15 Reason Why Regal Assets is the Best


** The minimum investment amount with Regal Assets is $10,000 for retirement accounts and $5,000 for direct purchases of physical metals. They can help you transfer an existing IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b), or TSP plan into metals and cryptos. Regal Assets set a record by being the first alternative asset investment company to be able to sell cryptocurrency legally worldwide.


Rated Best for Overall Client Satisfaction

From reading seemingly endless positive reviews from actual customers and verified testimonials from the top rating sites in the country, it quickly becomes evident (see reviews below) that they’re doing a remarkable job of slowly walking you through each aspect of gold investing, whether it be for retirement or direct purchasing.


They have an easy-going, “hold your hand” style that allows you to go at your own pace step-by-step, asking about each type of coin or bullion. There is ABSOLUTELY NO pressure selling; I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s as if they take pride in not “needing” your business. I don’t mean they don’t care about your business, they just will NOT be aggressive at all.


Their Motto is the Customer Comes First & Foremost

No matter what, the customer comes first. They will not try to direct you into any one certain type of investment, they’ll simply give you all the options and allow you to make an informed decision. Just how it should be. Large institutional investors have accounts with them, even celebrities, financiers, and millionaires are customers. Many are actively endorsing Regal Assets because of all the positive experiences they’ve had.


*They do not act like they need your money and there are no pushy sales tactics, as it is against company policy. They respect your time and if you would prefer not to be called. Phone calls are monitored rigorously to ensure you are not being pressured.


Several Decades Worth of Combined Experience

They pride themselves on hiring the best, most accomplished, and experienced customer service representatives and advisors to help their clients. They are available during all U.S. and Canadian business hours to quickly answer any questions or concerns you may have either by phone at:

 1-855-712-2993 or their official website: Regal Assets, LLC.


They understand that this is a big decision for anyone and that your retirement money needs protecting along with special attention to detail. Not only will you be completely educated in the precious metals themselves, but also the entire process. The great thing is, once they call you, the first representative that is directed to you initially will be your personal adviser from then on. As your one point of contact, they’ll answer every phone call or email from you promptly (same-day).


Diversity of Products

Regal Assets is rated highest because they cater to investors of all types, even companies such as LLC’s. Some prefer to invest smaller mostly in different types of coins and/or bullion bars, ranging from gold to silver, or platinum and palladium.


(For a full list of investment-grade IRS approved bullion and coins, click below).

IRS approved gold bullion coins

If you’re a more serious investor, you can take advantage of diverse portfolio offerings including arrangements of precious metals (even cryptocurrencies) designed to safeguard your retirement funds from another crisis or any unexpected economic downturn.


The knowledgeable advisors at Regal Assets are highly skilled in their area of expertise of Gold IRAs. However, you may choose silver, palladium, and platinum as well. They have all the resources and know-how to get customers started with the process of transfers and rollovers to a precious metals IRA within 48 hours. Their pricing is very competitive (tied to live market prices) and the system they’re using allows clients to get into a precious metal IRA quickly and confidently.


Arguably the Fastest Shipping Process in the Business

Everything they do is professional and efficient, from processing time to delivery.

  • They guarantee that your precious metals will reach your hands within 7 business days.

The majority of gold ira companies will take up to 30-40 days, sometimes even longer to deliver your precious metals to your account. This is a common business practice. So when it comes to delivery times especially, they go above and beyond expectations. 

* Regal Assets is so confident in fact, if they miss this deadline by even a day, they’ll send you a 1 oz. Silver American Eagle absolutely free of charge.


The Absolute Best Storage and Lowest Fee Industry-Wide

brinks logo

Regal Assets conducts business with only the best. For storage, they work closely with Brinks and they’ve arranged for all storage to be segregated, NOT comingled like other custodians.

  • There is a flat fee of only $125 per year.

This is actually quite good when compared to competitors who charge upwards of $225 per year and most DO NOT include the segregated storage option. These companies will only give you co-mingled storage for your precious metals retirement account and their fees will be even higher than Regal Assets segregated storage.


**Competitors charge upwards of $1,000 for segregated storage and on a scaling fee schedule also, so getting segregated storage as a standard at a fixed price is an industry-first and is a huge advantage.


No Fees Whatsoever for the 1st Year!

Retirement account setup AND administration fees for the first year are waived entirely; you pay nothing in year one. The year after is only $90/annually…the lowest in the industry currently.


All setup fees, administration fees, and even delivery fees will be taken care of by Regal Assets for the first year. This offer in and of itself is worth approximately $700. (see below promo link below)

Regal assets fees low cost

You’ll save up to $700 when compared to the fees of other competitors. Plus, they make their clients start paying for these services right away; set up and admin fees for the year are usually paid upfront.


Don’t Get Ripped Off by Competitors Charging Scaling Fee

One of the most important to take into consideration is how Regal Assets offers segregated storage for both Gold and Silver. Most other companies only offer commingled storage and if they do offer segregated storage, then typically it’s limited to gold and also has a scaled fee structure; meaning the more your account increases in value or the more gold you purchase the higher their fees will be.

  • By taking advantage of Regal Assets FIXED storage fee, you only pay $125 per year.


* You literally could be saving thousands of dollars per year because you’re not going to be paying a scaling fee, even if you add precious metals to your account.


Known for Having the Fastest Processing Time

They typically process any request or transfer from a custodian within 48 business hours. Everything is done electronically, which makes them one of the only precious metals firms to do this. You are able to digitally sign documents and view your metals online.


If anything is unclear and you still have questions, let a highly trained and experienced Regal Assets rep clarify everything with a free consultation call. Hear the difference and let them earn your trust by asking them as many questions as you can…


Take note of their toll-free number: 1-855-712-2993


** They’re known for spending up to an hour or more on the first consultation calls for free and there is still no obligation to move forward.  So take your time and consult their experts without any aggressive sales tactics.


International Presence

They are a world-renowned company that has expanded to offices in Canada, as well as overseas in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai. With thousands of satisfied customers, they’re both trusted and admired globally.



regal assets home page
* Click for the official home page and sign up for a free kit.


Or here for their: Account Setup Form


Regal Assets has been awarded as being one of the most respected and trustworthy business practices by the AAA rating given by the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

They also have earned a preferred membership with TrustLink as being a leader in the precious metals industry. Not to mention the thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews on BirdEye. Customer feedback on Regal Assets is unanimously and extremely positive. We were hard-pressed to find any complaints.


Regal Assets Complaints (updated Oct. 20, 2020):

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) has 8 total complaints registered in the last 3 years, of which 6 have been addressed and closed out within the last 12 months. Complaints were mostly due to delays in shipments and miscommunication, not receiving emails.
  • Only literally a couple (2) negative reviews on TrustLink out of 1080+ reviews.
  • BirdEye has only 8 (1-star) and 3 (2-star) reviews out of 1460 reviews. 0.06% complaint rate.

Regal Assets is not accredited or rated by the BBB since they’ve chosen to opt-out of membership.


We could not find many more client complaints online, which is a direct reflection of the fantastic track record they’ve been able to maintain since 2009. When you consider the many thousands of positive reviews, not to mention satisfied customers who chose not to leave reviews, you come to realize just how incredible this accomplishment really is…especially in an industry flooded with unprofessional companies.


Again, with Regal Assets, you are guaranteed a fast, highly personal experience with all access to purchase any investment-grade precious metals (IRS approved), including palladium, platinum, and of course silver. And all will be delivered within the 7-day guarantee. Hopefully, this gold ira review has been helpful, and you can now see why it’s no wonder they’re one of the most sought-after leaders in the precious metals industry.


If you have a review of your own and would like to share it with the rest of us, please do so below! Bookmark this page so that after trying Regal Assets you can come back and let us know how your experience was.