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Goldco Direct Review

Goldco Direct is a company that doesn’t have many complaints or reviews online. While it’s been around for a while (since 2006 according to the BBB), their presence online however is not so clear. It shows they have 30 employees, so it is a smaller company based out of California.


They’re business consists of dealing in gold, silver, & platinum. The company also states that they can assist in purchasing gold for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).


Goldco Direct Complaints

There are not many complaints floating around out there in cyber space. Besides their own website and a couple rating sites (below) there is practically no solid information either negative or positive, so we are kind of left wondering.


  • At the Business Consumer Alliance though, which mostly focuses on companies on the west coast, there is a. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates them as an A+.

  • Goldco Direct was not given the BCAs highest rating, rather an AA rating and perhaps  the one complaint is a reason.


UPDATE: Their rating has been upgraded to AAA and shows “0” complaints over the last 3 years. This is good news because it shows they resolved the matter with the client.


TrustLink does have about 19 satisfied customer reviews and is rated 5 stars at the time of writing this. A good amount of customers are vouching for this company.


By being in business 7 or so years, this does show that Goldco Direct is giving some people what they promise including shipping and handling the metals, which is why they’re in business.



The only trouble might be finding more positive reviews. For example, on the BCA site there are 0 reviews. 0 complaints and 0 positive reviews which doesn’t help much and may cause some to wonder. Since 2006 there hasn’t been a single complaint, nor did anyone bother leaving a positive review either.


The same thing holds true at the BBB. No data, as if they completely reset their account which one might consider odd. It helps to see a complaint and it being dealt with online than nothing at all. This helps to form a real assessment of a company’s dealings.


Most times with companies a consumer claims that they were taken advantage of by being recommended certain high priced coins only to find out later that the coins were worth much less. This type of price mismatching complaint is seen all too much with other subpar businesses that feel the need to resort to these tactics to make a profit. Just something to think about when selecting a company.


To some it may seem there’s not enough “real” feedback about this company to decide to move forward. And being that we now live in a digital age, when information can’t be easily  found regarding a certain company it doesn’t help much.

Nowadays there should be people discussing their views on forums and on other online social mediums, not just a handful of reviews.


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If you had similar complaints or would like to leave a positive review of Goldco Direct please comment below. We appreciate you sharing.

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