Gold IRA Investing – How & Where to Get Started

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We’re glad you’ve taken the time to look into this important new decision to secure your future. If you do not have a retirement account, other means of investing can be achieved through direct physical purchases of various precious metals bullion, ingot, and coins.


We’ve compiled the results of our in-depth ongoing research, hopefully making it easier to ultimately choose the most credible precious metals company to sign-up with.


Rollover or Transfer Into Precious Metals IRA

Gold IRA InvestingThose who understand the tremendous value and safe haven status of owning precious metals have rolled over 1/3 or more of their 401(k) or transferred funds into a Gold or Silver IRA. And the numbers are growing exponentially.


Deciding to rollover your 401(k) or transferring partial funds into a Gold or Silver IRA is usually the obvious choice for most people. But what sometimes hinders people from actually doing so are daily distractions, procrastination, and wasted time trying to find the most trustworthy company to work with. They are all different; they’re not all good either. And it’s tough to find the right one. This is a very important decision, not one to take lightly.  But no more excuses, it’s time to stop putting it off! After all, that’s why you’re here.


Well we have worked hard to take all of the guess work out of the equation, to get you into the best secure IRA backed by precious metal as quickly as possible before the next major economic downturn. Whether it’s gold, silver, palladium, or platinum it pays immensely to have something of real value that you can always physically hold on to.


3 Questions You Should Ask When Comparing Gold IRA Companies

What are the initial Gold IRA setup and storage fees?

Most of the companies and custodians out there charge hefty storage fees on top of other admin type fees for the first year. Some companies deal with setting up the actual IRA and also sell physical precious metals separately. A majority of the Gold IRA companies have a variable fee schedule which costs clients more as their account increases in value. You must try to avoid this.


Make sure you specifically ask and then select a company with a flat storage fee that does not increase as your account grows or as you add funds. If you surpass the initial flat fee storage limit, this could cost you thousands of dollars extra over the lifetime of your account holdings.


*If you go with the ‘truly’ flat storage fee company that we are recommending below, as a courtesy they will even waive your first year administration fee as well.


What Types of Precious Metals – (Coins Vs. Bullion) should I invest in?

Whichever precious metals you decide to buy, whether for an IRA or direct purchase, it’s important that your custodian offers the best storage facilities to protect your valuable assets. You may hold gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. It may be confusing at first trying to decide between the types of precious metals or bullion vs. coins (world, proof coins, etc.)

gold silver bullion

Weigh the pros and cons with an expert. One more thing to look out for and be skeptical about when speaking to other Gold IRA companies is, if anyone tires to get you to buy a certain specific type of metal only then this is a red flag. Basically, you shouldn’t ever in the slightest feel like you are being taken advantage of. We can assure you this would never happen with the likes of Regal Assets for example.


Account reps at various other companies may try to use bait and switch tactics to sell you particular coins because they probably are making higher profit margins this way. Be cautious, as this means they aren’t looking out for your best interest. You may even come across multiple reviews of people who have encountered this type of pressure selling.


Is There a Buyback Program?       

This is a crucial question you must ask. The company you ultimately end up going with should definitely offer a buyback program. There may come a day where you will want to liquidate your assets at fair value. You should have a good relationship with your Gold IRA Company and trust them fully in your dealings when buying and selling. You will know when you are working with the right company because you won’t feel as though they are just trying to profit from your business.


The Final Decision Factor

A majority of precious metals companies take their sweet time when it comes to delivering your order. It can take over 30 days and some as long as 90 days to deliver. So try asking them to expedite your purchase or rollover. It should never be a time consuming process, nor should you deal with such headaches as additional fees or delays. You should always consult a professional when rolling over or transferring funds to a gold IRA, get help with the tax implications as well (rolling over and transfers should be tax-free).


The Most Common Complaints from the Top Rating Agencies

  • Being pestered by pushy sales representatives to make a decision quickly. Feelings of being rushed when not yet ready. Put it this way: If you are investing a good portion of your life savings (on average $30K – $250K) you need any and all questions answered and complete peace of mind before proceeding. This is another reason why our top recommendation is Regal Assets, because they lead you gently and pretty much hold your hand through the entire process. They have an outstanding reputation in the industry – all testimonials are from real clients.


  • Complaints of not having been given the right advice from the start. Being recommended products that are in the company’s best interest or the agents to earn a higher commission. Go with an honest company from the start and avoid all of the fast-talking salesman and their tactics. Do your own due diligence.


Ask yourself when you are ready to sell your gold or silver back to the company, will they still make you feel welcome and be eager to give you the best service regardless? Do they even have a buyback program?

If you are ready and would rather not put it off…

We suggest you request a free gold investing kit and speak to the helpful representatives over at Regal Assets. This is our top recommended most reputable precious metals company below, not just based on the their quality customer service, but just about for every reason imaginable.


regal assets ratings logo


They have an absolutely superb reputation and are genuinely interested in educating you through the entire Gold IRA Investing and rollover process. If you’re still unsure…then we would ask that you read all of their satisfied customer comments and impeccable reviews. Once on their page scroll down to see hundreds upon hundreds of positive feedback under the testimonials section. While most other precious metals companies pale in comparison and have multiple complaints on the BBB Report, TrustLink, and other rating service sites, so beware.

Official website: Regal Assets, LLC

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