Best Gold Bullion Dealers of the Year! Regal Assets RA DMCC (Dubai) Review

Regal Assets RA DMCC (Dubai) ReviewAnd the award goes to Regal Assets – Announced as International Bullion Dealer of the Year for 2018!


It is a huge honor to receive this designation, which is the industry’s ultimate representation of credibility. For those wondering what is Regal Assets Dubai (RA DMCC)? It is a subsidiary of Regal Assets, LLC. that is located in Dubai.


Chosen as best gold bullion dealers of the year, known for being reputable; they also ranked in the top 3 in U.S.A. and Canada among the most trusted gold bullion dealers. So now, no matter where you live (regardless of local regulations), you’re able to invest with them internationally.

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We commend you for doing your own research. Fraud is a concern in this industry and we constantly hear about clients being taken advantage of. Make sure you read some more reviews here before deciding to invest with just any company.


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Regal Assets RA DMCC Review (Dubai)

Gold Bullion Dealer(s) best most trusted reputable for sale

Another major announcement this year came from Tyler Gahalleger, founder of Regal Assets, who has been living in Dubai for the past year. Not only are they the best choice when it comes to precious metals investing, but they are now aiming to be the go to company when it comes to safely investing in Bitcoin and cryptos in the most secure way possible. (more on this below) 

He and his team have been working privately with the Central Bank of the UAE and directly with the government of Dubai.


Best Gold Bullion Dealers of the Year

International Bullion Dealer of the Year - Regal Assets RA Dubai DMCC


The Regal Assets Dubai office is actually located in the same building as the government agency which overlooks the trading of commodities in the region. The largest vault in the Arab Emirates completed in 2009 is also in this building, which is where Regal Assets client’s metals and crypto are stored.


Click for: Regal Assets DMCC (official website)


Regal RA Dubai Consulting with the UAE Government

Working along-side the UAE authorities, helping to get them up to speed understanding the crypto space and blockchain technology, as well and getting them involved the right way, so that they’re not catering to a bunch of terrorists and money launderers trying to hide their money.


First and Only Crypto License Currently Goes to Regal Assets

They are first to market. In order to make sure things are set up correctly, the Regal Assets team has been exchanging suggestions, recommendations; basically consulting the UAE government on the fact that Bitcoin is more of a commodity rather than a currency. The central bank of the UAE agreed that it should be treated as a commodity. In return for their cooperation, Regal Assets was issued the first and only license to legally sell cryptocurrencies in the Middle East.


It is officially called a Crypto Commodity License and as it was issued on November 28 2017. So in essence, Regal Assets has made history! The UAE government announced that they’ve issued their first license and Bloomberg picked up the story immediately and at the same time denied about 50 other applicants and decided that for now, Regal Will be the only license holder. After this breaking news, over 11,000 media outlets ran the story.


Regal RA DMCC…In the Press

You can see all the Regal Assets media coverage and attention their receiving in the press from here and read about their incredible story.


Regal Assets receiving DMCC crypto license
(photo courtesy of DMCC)

If you go to the government’s DMCC website, they’ve taken it upon themselves further to do a complete ceremony for Regal Assets receiving this prestigious award. 


Setting Themselves Apart from the Rest

The reason this is such a big deal is that around the world governments are definitely tightening the reins on crypto companies and exchanges. Countries are not currently issuing licenses making it very difficult to legally sell cryptos at this moment in time. And Regal Assets is one of the rare gems that is allowed to deal with cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle and also have the ability to set up a Crypto IRA and do it legally, within the confines of the law.


And beyond that working with governments hand in hand really puts Regal Assets and their team in a class of their own. Another reason they are working with the government of Dubai is that every government is rushing to figure out how to get on the blockchain and embrace this technology, and once that fully takes hold the gains and advances in fintech and monetary systems, will be astronomical.


This only a natural progression of monetary systems globally. Dubai’s aim is to be the first blockchain technology city in the world.


The Accolades Just Keep Piling Up

Tyler Gallager of Regal Assets is now literally the only person in North America who can say they are legally allowed to sell and exchange cryptos! Their license applies internationally however the payments are routed through their Dubai office. This is great for Regal Assets business because large corporations and investment groups must go through the proper channels to invest in crypto and tons of inquiries are coming in already all contacting Regal Assets to invest in crypto properly.


We’re talking large hedge fund groups that all have to adhere to the protocol spearheaded by Regal Assets, so as you can see they are uniquely positioned to be one of the #1 go-to companies for legitimate crypto commodities and precious metals purchases and investing in the entire world. Another property that sets Regal Assets apart is the fact that they’ve been in business for 9 years, while any other companies in this space have only been around for a couple of years, tops.


The World’s Safest Way to Invest In Cryptos

This also puts them way above the competition with regards to a successfully run company with a proven track record. They’ve been in business since 2009, the same year bitcoin came to market. No other company can say this! As far as the way Regal Assets runs their business, they also believe in blockchain technology and will be using it to run their business as well as creating their own crypto token called ClickCoin.

the worlds safest way to invest in cryptos

They are also working with:

  • the UAE government and The University of Dubai to create a deep cold storage solution (directly on the blockchain using smart contract technology) that uses a vault and is a completely patented process on how to store cryptos with absolute security.


  • And while the cryptos are stored they’ll also be fully insured by the Lloyds of London. Talk about peace of mind! This makes it impossible for employees of the vault or anyone for that matter to steal cryptos.


We hope these Regal RA DMCC Reviews have been an eye-opening experience. If there is one thing to take away, keep in mind they’re the only alternative assets company in the world that is working hand-in-hand with the government. Now that is a powerful statement. Another reason Regal Assets is perhaps one of the best gold bullion dealers in the world (and now the world’s first licensed crypto dealer). How is that for a pioneering technology company that is rooted in physical precious metals?


Simply outstanding. From what we’ve gathered, it should be abundantly clear that they’re truly among the most trusted gold bullion dealers (and crypto dealers) worldwide. It would be smart to get involved and start investing with Regal Assets in some form or another, sooner rather than later.